10 Amazing Changes Your Body Goes Through When You Drink Plenty of Water

by Steel Jones

If losing weight and keeping it off is a problem for you, a study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics might have the best but simple solution for you.

Kinesiology and community health professor at the University of Illinois, Ruopeng An, found that US participants to the study who increased their plain water consumption by 1 percent had reduced their intake of total daily calorie and consumption of saturated fat, sugar, sodium, and saturated fat. An said regardless of race or ethnicity, education, financial status, and body weight, the impact of plain water intake was similar.

The above is only one of the beneficial effects of water in the body. In times past, our ancestors had only plain water from cool springs and rivers to quench their thirst. But they survived well and good.

Today, water is available in almost all flavors. From bubbly sodas to ice-cold beers to fizzy energy drinks. These drinks may quench the thirst for the short term but may leave the body with unhealthy side effects such as increased dehydration or higher sugar levels.

If you want to stay hydrated minus the side effects, plain water got your back. If you need some more convincing, you might need to remember the following changes that will happen to your body when you drink more plain water.

You will manage your weight

Plain water aids in weight loss by increasing your metabolism after drinking a cup of cold water. When the cold water enters your body, your system will respond by increasing your temperature. Doing so enables the body to expend more energy, which leads to more calorie burn.

According to one study, this is most effective when you sip 2 cups of cold water, at least 30 minutes before every meal. Another way is to replace your sweet beverages with plain water when trying to hydrate. Besides, water can help remove fats while making you feel full.

Your skin will have a natural glow

10 Amazing Changes Your Body Goes Through When You Drink Plenty of WaterWater can be a great moisturizer, not by applying it directly to the skin but by drinking it. When you don’t drink enough water, your skin will get dry, tight, flaky, and more prone to wrinkling. Your skin will thank you when you give proper attention to hydration. Proper hydration also helps plump up skin cells and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Increase your plain water consumption to have soft, fresh, and younger-looking skin with a natural glow. And if you add a slice of lemon into your drinking water, your skin would be more delighted due to the antioxidants in lemon that can reduce the effects of aging.

You will have improved digestion and regularity

Fiber alone won’t guarantee good digestion. You need to pair it with enough supply of water to keep you regular and avoid constipation. Water helps break down food, eliminates toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, and makes stools easier to pass. Dehydration hardens stools, leading to irregularity and even bloating. But a healthy digestive system leads to regularity.

You enhance your brainpower

If you’re facing a task that needs more brainpower, don’t settle with your cup of coffee. Instead, prepare a glass and a pitcher of water on your desk and drink it slowly. Your brain is composed of about 73 percent of water, which means drinking more water helps you to think, focus, concentrate, and stay more alert.

A 2 percent decrease in your water consumption can impair your performance and may affect your attention, psychomotor, and memory skills.

You have more energy

The amount of water in your body can also cause significant effects in your mood and energy levels. Studies show that dehydration is linked to increased fatigue, confusion, anger, moodiness, and decreased enthusiasm.

With less water supply, the flow of oxygen to the brain becomes a bit challenging. This forces the heart to work harder and pump more oxygen to all body organs, making you feel weak, tired, and less energetic. Experts say that drinking more water can fight off fatigue and weakness. That’s why it’s important to drink more water, especially when you’re working out or doing tasks that cause you to sweat more.

You flush out more waste and toxins

Have you ever noticed that after sweating from exercise or household chores, your body feels refreshed? It’s because toxins are flushed out of your system through sweating and urination. The more you sweat or pee, the more toxins your body eliminates. But you can’t do this efficiently if you don’t consume enough water.

On one hand, when you don’t drink enough water, these toxins will remain stuck in your body, leading to health issues in the long run. On the other hand, with fewer toxins, your complexion will improve and glow naturally.

You will have a stronger immune system

While fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy immune system, you need not overlook the water. Water boosts your immune system by carrying oxygen to your body cells and flushing harmful toxins from your body. It also plays an important role in the reduction of bladder cancer risk.

10 Amazing Changes Your Body Goes Through When You Drink Plenty of WaterYou’ll be better able to manage stress

Since stress starts to become a normal part of the daily grind, it can’t beat you when you see to it that you’re well hydrated. As mentioned earlier, dehydration can lead to a negative mood that can be overcome by staying hydrated. Keep stress at bay by drinking a glass of water every hour or less and don’t wait to feel thirsty to avoid being caught off guard.

You’ll be more prepared for any physical activity

Drink loads of water before you work out or engage in more strenuous activity. This allows for endurance and prevents muscle cramps. Water not only improves circulation while working out but also acts as a lubricant to your joints. Just ensure to drink at least 2 cups of water 2 hours before hitting the gym. Better yet, drink water with electrolytes to prime your body during workouts. This prevents you from dehydration as you sweat more.

Your kidneys will function at their best

A well-hydrated body prevents the formation of kidney stones by diluting salt and mineral concentrates in the kidneys. This is most effective when you drink a tall glass of water after waking up in the morning.

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