10 Things She Wants in Bed but is Embarrassed to Ask

by Danny Fernsby
for her pleasure

Most women these days know what they want and may even be clear about it. They may tell you what they like or dislike and how they want to be touched. But because women aren’t of the same mold, some of them may be reserved and may be embarrassed to tell you what they truly want. They only give nonverbal cues hoping you’re able to pick them up. Yet you can be average when it comes to the guessing game. Or worse, you may misinterpret some of these cues. The following tips might help you know what your partner wants even without asking her.

1. She wants you to be attentive to her nonverbal cues

According to a dating expert, being responsive and attentive to your partner’s nonverbal cues can make you a great lover. This means you need to pay attention to how she responds not only verbally but physically as well. Her body can give you cues on what gets her excited. You can tell it by the way she moans, by her heavy breathing, or the lubrication down there.

Asking is the most sensible thing to do but doing without asking her is the sweetest move she’ll appreciate more from you. For her, it could mean you’re being attentive to her needs and is totally present with her.

2. She wants you to explore her nether regions

getting frisky in bedA woman wants to be caressed and touched. She wants lots of kisses, especially on the spots ignored most of the time. She appreciates it when you kiss the back of her ears, her thighs, and even the areas around her nipples. Finding her G spot with your fingers is also exciting for her.

3. She wants you to talk dirty

Adoration is the way to a woman’s heart. She wants to be adored, appreciated and desired for. Tell her about it. Tell her how you desire her and all the dirty things that come to your mind whenever you think of her. Your words may not only tickle her body but to her mind as well. You can be as romantic or as descriptive as you’d want to be.

4. She wants you to stimulate her clitoris

A few women don’t like to be touched in their clitoris but a lot of them say touching it is necessary to stimulate them. To be safe, start inching your fingers under her until you reach her clitoris. If she won’t object, it means she loves it. If it makes her feel awkward, you can then ask her if it makes her feel comfortable. If she loves it, you can then go down at her and stimulate her some more with your tongue. Applying different pressures and rhythms may elicit a different response. Be attentive to what aroused her more and focus on it.

5. She wants you to be gentle with her

Some men have the habit of grabbing their partner’s body parts. No matter how aroused you could become, try to slow yourself down and be gentle with her. She’s not a doll that you can play with any way you want. She wants to be caressed like a person you care for and not just for your sexual pleasure. She will definitely know it if your main goal is only to make her orgasm. When you do, the next encounter in bed may next to impossible.

6. She wants to come first

One of the greatest disappointments of women in bed is when men come first before them. The disappointment is indescribable when they’re about to climax but you’ve just come. It’s as if she’s falling down too fast and you’re unable to catch her.

Another thing is women can have multiple orgasms when they’re too aroused. Letting her come first and then again could bring her to ecstatic states and thanks to you. Penetration is not the only thing that can arouse her. Clitoral stimulation done correctly can be enough to make her orgasm followed by a slow and rhythmic penetration. You can also use sex toys to have her orgasm again if you can’t help delaying ejaculation.

7. She wants foreplay and after-play

While men can go straight for the vagina during a steaming sex session, women prefer to have foreplay. Stimulation is important in her orgasm. She hates it when you enter while she’s not yet wet. Aside from being painful, sex without pleasure can be disgusting.

It takes a while to heat up women. It’s the way they’re wired. You need to have enough patience for foreplay and once you’ve turned her on, the rewards are great. Health experts also recommend after play. Women may feel abandoned when men quickly doze off after sex. Try hugging her and kissing her before closing your lids. That may work.

8. She wants you to make her feel sexy and beautiful

naked intimate coupleWomen want to feel appreciated for their looks. Even saying how pretty she is can make her feel the apple of your eye. When she’s feeling good about herself, anticipate hot and steamy sex because she’ll do everything in her capacity to prove to you how right you were.

9. She appreciates it when you surprise her

Women are very appreciative beings. They like to hear you whisper sweet nothings or give them a passionate random kiss. She will love it more when you give her surprise gifts even without an occasion. Sexy lingerie or undergarments would mean you feel she’d look hot in those items. These can make her feel ultra-sexy and would be more sensual and sexually adventurous.

10. She wants you to listen to her

Though sex is important in every relationship, a woman may feel like she’s a sex object when you talk nothing or do nothing but sex. Women want to be seen as human beings too. She will greatly appreciate it when you go out for a date and talk about everything under the moon.

Connection means more to her. For her, a smooth flowing relationship is not only about penetration but of connection too. She wants to be seen, to be heard, and to be acknowledged as she is. Asking what’s in her mind means more to her. So, try to listen to every word she says. It may not all make sense but the fact that you listen is something she’ll treasure for in your relationship.

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