10 Typical Excuses for Overeating

by Dennis K
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Food is life, truly, but eating too much can compromise said life. Haven’t you heard? Eating unhealthy and eating a lot more than what your body needs can make you put on weight. And the more you do this, the more weight you put on, hence, you successfully transform yourself into this condition called being overweight. Keep this up and there’s obesity. Apparently, being so puts you at risk of many health issues, thus, compromising your life.

The amazing thing about people is that we always have excuses whenever we feel guilty about doing something we’re not supposed to do simply because they’re not good for us. For example, binge-eating on a weekend just because you worked out thrice a week does not make the deed justifiable because your excuses won’t be able to stop the calories and fats from wreaking havoc into your body.

The next thing you know is that the efforts you exerted to be healthy the previous week have gone to waste because of that sense of entitlement to reward yourself through overconsumption of food. So, there… Excuses are nasty things and most of the time they’re lies.

Here are 10 common excuses people use when they overeat:

1. This is healthy

fat guy overeating a plate full of vegetablesSure, nuts and avocados have healthy fats. But they’re still fats, so you cannot assume that having too much of them won’t have ‘fatty’ repercussions. Overeating covers all kinds of food. No matter how nutritious something is; when you’re eating it in excess or when you’re eating it even when you’re not hungry, it still is overeating and it still is not healthy. If your body doesn’t need those calories in that moment, you’ll store them as fat. Well, too much fat isn’t good, obviously.

2. I earn it

What you’re earning is excess calories that’ll become fat because you keep on eating even when you’re not hungry and when you are hungry you don’t know when to stop. Working out during weekdays may give you a pass to reward yourself with something indulgent on the weekend just as long as you keep this one golden rule in mind: moderation.

3. No food should go to waste

It’ll be wasted one way or another, so why waste it by using your body for disposal? Basically, all food your body does not need ends up getting preserved as fat. You can save it for later if possible. You don’t need to devour anything when you’ve already eaten enough.

4. I’m exhausted

Do you think your exhaustion is caused by food you don’t need? If you’re not undernourished, the food you eat won’t lessen your exhaustion. It’ll just make you more tired. Besides, you need rest when you’re tired, not a bucket of popcorn.

5. I’m under a lot of stress

Though food can fleetingly alleviate your stress, it doesn’t really get rid of whatever it is that you’re stressed about. In fact, it creates a bigger problem when you end up gaining weight. Being overweight will eventually affect your physical and mental well-being and not in a positive way. If you’re stressed, you need to redirect your efforts into trying to manage it, such as meditation or exercising, not binge eating.

6. I’m on vacation

You can still take pleasure in trying all kinds of amazing foods while on vacation without having to eat anything your eyes have set upon. Besides, does the quality of your vacation really depend on how exceedingly much you’ve eaten?

7. I don’t want to get hungry later

overweight man eating excessive amount of junk foodYou can call that preventative eating and sometimes it can be justifiable especially if your schedule is crazy and you anticipate that you can’t eat during lunchtime or during a specific mealtime. Nonetheless, you can still avoid hunger. For instance, you can carry a healthy snack with you or any meal that you can bring on-the-go. There are a lot of ways you can do in this case. You don’t need to eat too much just to avoid hunger later on.

8. I can work it off

Exercise should be done because it makes you feel good and because it improves the quality of life, not as a punishment for eating too much. Besides, working out more just to compensate for your eating extravagance would take more time than if you’d just eaten less.

9. I ate healthy the entire day

So, why not continue until dinner? Remember, proper diet isn’t just about losing weight and getting fit, it’s also about changing your ways. It’s like training yourself to naturally like whole foods because they’re good for you and delectable at the same time and to love eating them on a regular basis so that eating healthy doesn’t seem to be much of a chore to you.

10. Screw it

When you get tired of feeling guilty, this could be your last resort of an excuse. It’s a form of negative self-talk implying that you shouldn’t care because caring can be exhausting, especially if you’re aware that your habits are mostly working against you.

However, at the end of the day, you should care because it is your body that’ll suffer and it is your sensation that’ll feel the pain and inconvenience when you get sick. You can’t just eat anything you want and too often to expect that you’ll be scathe-free in the end, can you?

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