13 Attributes of Men That Sexually Attracts Women According to Science

by Danny Fernsby
couple in love

If you think sexual attraction has something to do with your physique or looks, you might be wrong. A physically healthy and fit body may give you some edge in the sexual attractiveness arena but it’s not all there is to it. Women find you sexier in a lot of ways beyond your wildest expectations. It goes past a workout in the gym, a well-groomed personality or a highly attractive resume. These things don’t stand on their own. You need to spice up what you already got with some of the attributes below to increase the level of your sexual appeal.

1. Shows attraction

Just like men, women get attracted to men in an instant. Women have an innate nature that tells them someone is interested in them. They can tell by the way you look at them or the way you speak to them. The moment your gaze lock and she turns away, oftentimes covering her face with her palms, it’s a universal sign that she’s a bit flirting with you. The next time you find someone attractive, show it and find if they return the favor.

2. Picks the right one

Women are inclined to be sexually attracted to men who know how to pick the right person. Attractive women instinctively look for men who are as attractive as they are. You’re leveling the playing field when you’re able to pick someone in your league. If you pick someone more attractive than you, trust issues may soon arise. Similarly, if you pick a person who looks less attractive, they’d be prone to insecurities.

3. Lives a bit of luxury in life

While material things fare less when compared to a person’s true feelings for someone, they do count when it comes to sexual attraction. In a study in 2014, men who live in luxurious apartments or drive fancy cars were rated more sexually attractive to women.

4. Much older and financially stable

Older men of higher status dating younger women is not new. We often see this in business or celebrity circles. Scientists say this is predictable since this works for both of the couples. Younger women would have fewer fertility issues as the couple grow with age while older men can provide their younger partners financial security as they go along.

fit muscular guy5. Have some muscles

You’ve done a great job when you spend some time in the gym to build those attractive muscles. However, never overdo it. In a study, women prefer men with bulging muscles for short term relationships only. They’re more sexually attracted to men who have muscles that make them look fit. And it’s to these men women want to have longer relationships with.

6. Wears red

When asked to rate the attractiveness between males who wear red and green, women participants from four countries had one thing in common, most of them chose the males wearing red shirts. If you’re still in the dating game, wearing a red shirt might give you some luck.

7. A good sense of humor

Whether in the office or in any random place, men who are able to make women laugh get the most attention. It’s because women are more sexually attracted to men who can make them laugh. Interestingly, this is not the case for men. They don’t put much value on whether or not their partners can make them laugh. Nevertheless, level up your humor to increase your sexual value in women’s eyes.

8. Musically inclined

Another study revealed that women prefer to have a partner who is able to play complex music.

9. Meditative

In the dating game, meditative men have more advantage, at least, according to one study. This study stressed the link between meditative practices and sexual attraction among female participants towards their male partners. When paired with males who practice mindfulness, females say they’re sexually attracted to them and prefer to have a date with them. But the males showed a different result. Their sexual attraction is mostly based on their partner’s physical attributes. You’re ahead of the game if you’re the meditative type. If not, there’s still hope. Meditation can give you massive benefits, like having a calm demeanor and, of course, sexual attractiveness on top of it.

10. Good smell

pheromone attractionHow you smell can play an important role in your level of sexual attractiveness. Don’t think that because women can smell you, they’ll be attracted to you more. It’s not how the way it works. It’s your confidence that makes you more attractive. You naturally tend to feel confident when you know you smell fresh and good.

Researchers at the University of Alaska affirmed that confident men are more sexually attractive in the eyes of women. The women respondents were shown a video of two groups of men and were asked to tell who looks more attractive. The women preferred the group of men who were given scented deodorants to wear than the other group whose deodorants were unscented. Though the women didn’t smell them, their confidence in themselves exudes a kind of sexiness that attracts women.

11. Do charity works

Men who offer themselves as a volunteer for a charitable cause appear sexier for women. Men also feel the same for female volunteers. But the number of sexual attractions is higher for women. Maybe because women are more emotional beings and seeing a man do a good deed is just heartwarming.

This might be the time for you to enlist in volunteer work, like teaching kids some skills or helping make Mother Earth greener.

12. Scars on the face

For some other reasons, men who have some scars in the face look more sexually attractive for women. Regardless of the stories behind the scars, they can mean one thing, you’re fearless and daring once in your life, and those scars show how manly you’ve just been.

13. Takes pride

It’s not about bragging yourself or showing off something. It might be how you carry yourself. Taking pride in yourself goes beyond how you personally meet people. Your online photos are able to show whether you’re a person with pride or not. Every image you upload online has an emotion behind it. The photos of men associated with the emotion of pride appeared sexier for women respondents, according to a 2011 research.

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