13 Common Triggers Why You Experience Untimely Boners

by Danny Fernsby
unexpected boner

Boners can happen anytime and anywhere. And just when you least expect it, you feel the stiffness down there. Boners are normal, especially for healthy and sexually active males. Being sexually active isn’t only limited to having a sexual partner. You can keep yourself sexually healthy even when you’re doing it alone. Of course, boners are part of it.

However, not all boners are invited. Some come in the wrong times, giving you inconvenience and may sometimes even be embarrassing. This leads you wondering why it comes when there’s no reason for it to be there. The truth is, a wide array of things can trigger you to get hard. And most of them are subtle. To provide you some light, the following things can normally lead to boners.

1. Visual triggers

Men’s genes are wired to get attracted to women who are naked or exude sexiness. These visual triggers can be anywhere from the screen to the naked ladies at the beach or your naively sexy neighbor. Men may not have the intention of seeing women as sex symbols but they can’t resist the effect of seeing naked or sexy women in their sexuality. Since the beginning of time, men are reproductive beings who are always prepared for any reproductive act. Up to this time, it’s in their nature to get hard when faced with a sexual stimulus.

2. Auditory triggers

Hearing a woman’s moan can also be a strong trigger for boners. Even the sound of a woman’s soft bedroom voice can bring memories of intimate times, sending signals to the brain, which in turn sends signals to sexual organs that are likely to result in boners.

3. The brain and the nerves

The human brain is always ready to receive and send signals throughout the body. When the brain perceives something that is related to sexuality, it puts the nerves into action and prepares the male organ in a state of sexual arousal.

man and testosterone4. High testosterone levels

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that regulates fertility, muscle mass, fat distribution, and red blood cell production. It’s crucial in a man’s erection since it keeps penile muscles and connective tissue healthy, and makes for stronger and longer erections. A healthy male gets a fresh supply of testosterone daily. When the body is at the peak of its production, boners can take place.

5. Morning wood

A normal male wakes up with a very alive dick. It’s because the body produces testosterone while you’re asleep and relaxed. Once you wake up, your testosterone levels are at its peak, making your penis as hard as wood. When you have a partner on the bed, sex could be inevitable.

6. Random thoughts

The mind can go to places and dig some random memories. This can include the memories of your satisfying and sexual encounters. Since the brain works faster than a second, it might be too late for you to prevent a boner that is on its way. Your mind can play on you with such naughty memories.

7. Accidental physical contact

The penis is surrounded by millions of ultra-sensitive nerve endings. When the shaft accidentally comes into contact with something, say your briefs or your pants, expect a boner to occur. Even an accidental brush of a hand or accidental touch while you go through your day can lead to an uninvited boner.

8. Excitement or happy emotions

Sometimes the brain can pick up your excitement wrongly. Though the reason for such emotion is far from being sexually aroused, your brain might interpret it as such and gives you an unexpected boner.

9. The urgent need to pee

At times, you feel strong down there not because you’re sexually aroused but because you just need to have a pee right away. This is one weird thing your penis does for you.

10. Easy come easy go

Some call this a ghost boner. It can quickly go as much as it quickly comes, like an apparition. Others say it’s the cerebral cortex’s way of keeping your genitals healthy. This boner is quite safe since it’s not there to stay and you don’t have to do anything about it to make it go away.

exercising with attractive woman11. Exercise

Don’t wonder if, in the middle of your workout, you get those boners. This can possibly happen when your blood is actively circulating all over your body. Your penis requires a lot of oxygen and healthy blood flow to keep it strong. So when it receives plenty of oxygen supply, boners are likely to occur. Or your sweat pants can also be a trigger for it to present itself to the world as strong and hard.

12. Physical attraction

Being physically attracted to someone is normal and can come with a sexual attraction too. As a normal male, you might get attracted to someone without knowing why. Whether she’s a celebrity you see on TV or a stranger you meet down the street, the attraction can come with that inconvenient boner.

13. The need to consult your doctor

While boners can happen anytime and many times during the day, there are some men who experience boners that last for four hours. This one is no longer normal. When it’s too erect, causes you pain, and won’t go away, this can mean something is wrong with your penis or the nerves in the surrounding area. Check with your doctor as soon as you happen to have this experience.

Boners are fun, especially in your teenage years when you’re just starting to experience your manhood. It’s not unusual to have it often in your younger years, which continues to occur in your adult life. Though boners can happen in the wrong time, such as when your father says the thanksgiving prayer or when you’re in a public place, you still have to acknowledge it as something that is part of your life as a sexual and healthy human being.

Instead of hating your penis for giving you attention even when it’s not called, thank it for making you feel fully human. Embrace the occasion because it won’t last till your hair turns grey.

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