13 Secrets Every Hot Guy Should Know to Last Longer in Bed

by Danny Fernsby
couple getting steamy in the bedroom

There’s no quicker way to disappoint your partner and kill the mood than not lasting for more than two minutes in bed. The hard fact is, it takes more than two minutes for women to get stimulated. If you can’t hold off before the two minutes is over, you’re at a greater risk of feeling a sense of insecurity for failing to come up to your partner’s expectations or perhaps, your own too.

But you don’t have to beat yourself up if you’ve been there. You can improve in ways beyond your wildest dreams. All you need is a bit of inspiration from those who made it with flying colors. Thanks to some sex experts who generously share the following tips:

1. Delay ejaculation the Kama Sutra way

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Sanskrit of Indian origin which focuses on sexuality and other pleasure-seeking faculties of human beings for a well lived life. The text consisted of ways to enhance man’s sexual pleasure, one of which are the different techniques one can employ in bed. This includes delaying ejaculation to last longer.

You need to learn the skill of slow penetration, going in and out every three seconds. Your goal is to keep going for 4 to 5 minutes, adding more strokes as you go slowly. You can go as fast as one stroke per second but make sure not to get lost in the process. Stop and hold yourself inside your partner if you feel you’re almost there. When you’re in control again, continue the process for as long as you can.

2. Talk it out

When you lose control and are unable to hold yourself longer, it may become an issue that both you and your partner may avoid talking about. But it’s not the best way to handle things. You can open up by telling your partner how fabulous she is that keeping control of yourself is very challenging. That way, she’ll be more cooperative and avoid judgments or conclusions the next time you’re in bed. Lasting longer in bed is more doable when there are no issues lurking somewhere.

locking eyes and romantic chemistry3. Make more eye contact

The eyes can tell what your lips can’t say. Locking eyes with your partner create a deeper connection that shows you desire her more than what she can give physically. This can mentally stimulate her making her orgasm faster.

4. Prepare your mind

Mental preparation is one secret to lasting longer in bed. When you go to bed with your partner full of apprehensions and anxiety whether you can give her pleasure or not will likely make those nagging fears to happen.

Performance anxiety can sometimes happen. But try not to listen to this erection killer. Take a deep breath instead and tell yourself you’re there to enjoy the intimate moment the two of you share. By focusing your thoughts on what makes you feel good, you will have better chances of lasting longer.

5. Don’t rush things

As what others say, it’s not the destination but the journey that matters. Don’t go straight for her vagina. Be more sensual and passionate by stroking her hair, kissing her neck, her breasts. Explore every part of her body. Who knows, you may unexpectedly stumble to her most sensitive part. And it’s may be the key to have her orgasm faster. You don’t have to worry then when she comes way ahead of you.

6. Take supplements

If you’re much older and are having slower erections due to hormonal changes, supplements might come as a rescue. Viagra is the most popular when it comes to erectile dysfunction. But there are also other supplements that you can try, which are also safer and effective. Just make sure to use genuine ones since a lot of ED drugs are only a waste of money.

7. Take breaks

When you’re there and you know climax is imminent take a break and assess how things are doing. See if she’s syncing with you. If not, use that break to return kissing her again, caressing her, cuddling her and giving your focus on the body part that makes her go wild.

8. Reach out for the spray

If talking about baseball or making her hug you tight seem to not work in delaying your ejaculation, reach out for a delay spray. These sprays are designed to enhance your endurance while desensitizing your penis. Don’t worry about losing your sensation. It’s still there and you still can have longer and satisfying sex.

9. Don’t go deep just yet

If deep penetration can make you come quickly, don’t go deep just yet. Enter her but not too deep. Taking more shallow thrusts not only help you delay ejaculation but also increases your fun and pleasure.

man masturbating in bed10. Masturbate before sex

Though some say that masturbating an hour before sex isn’t effective since it may result to not so hard erections with an actual partner, it’s still a technique that works well and good for some. You can try this technique and see if it suits you.

11. Try the squeeze technique

The squeeze technique is scientifically proven to be effective in delaying ejaculation and in helping men last longer. You or your partner can do it, whoever is in the best position to do it. Use your thumb and index finger to make a ring around the base of your penis when you’re about to ejaculate. Then put pressure on the head’s underside. This prevents the blood flow from rushing to the penis. Release your finger when your body relaxes. You might lose the erection, which is its main purpose, but you can regain it back by starting all over again.

12. Tease her to orgasm

The last secret to lasting longer is giving your focus on her. When you’re too close to the edge, stop the thrust and tease her vagina by sensually rubbing the head of your penis all over her labia. This part is packed with nerve endings that can help stimulate her to have an orgasm fast.

13. It’s not all about penetration

Women’s orgasm doesn’t come from orgasm alone. You need to stimulate her the right way. Before every sex session, take time to give her a massage, kiss her neck, touch her nether regions or give her orals. Giving time to foreplay is half of the job done. Remember always, foreplay equals lasting longer in bed. That’s enough reason for you not to skip it.

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