15 Sexual Fantasies That Not All Women Are Happy About

by Danny Fernsby
woman unhappy in bed

These days people are becoming more creative in the bedroom. From employing sex toys to making real their sex fantasies, they’re more often to try them all. But sex fantasies that look hot and easy in the movies are mostly unreal. And ladies are here to tell the tale.

1. Role-playing

Role-playing leads the couple to reminisce their unforgettable childhood experience. It’s fun and enables anybody to forget their inhibitions while doing their act. Yet, despite experts’ suggestions and tips for a fun sexual experience, not all women are able to play their part well. They either keep on laughing or end up messing their role. Clearly, role-playing doesn’t work for everyone.

2. Shower sex

Celebrities succeeded in promoting how steamy shower sex can be. It makes actors look so hot that the spectators get carried away. They start to fantasize that one day, they, too, will make it. Unfortunately, most couples who tried shower sex ended up sharing their sex stories gone wrong. Others even ended up in the emergency room.

According to ladies, sexual fantasies in the shower aren’t as great as it seems. It makes them wet and dry at the same time. Some say shower sex works best only for foreplays. The main act is better done somewhere.

3. Quickie sex

Quickie sex is not always fun for some women either. Men get horny much easily, that’s why a quickie is a big help when the situation calls for it. But for women who need more warm-up, quickies aren’t that fun.

If you’re dying to have sex for a particular day but run short of time, see to it that you’ve built some excitement before meeting your partner. Send them dirty messages wherein they could feel themselves exploding if they won’t have sex with you.

But for long-time partners, a quickie might not be a problem since they already know their partner’s erogenous regions. Hitting these parts directly just makes them pop up that easily.

4. Lights on sex

bright morning sexMen are more visual beings. They get turned on with anything their eyes feast on. But when your partner hates lights, you need to compromise. Some women say body image isn’t an issue when they request lights to be turned off. They just get distracted by imperfect shapes or moles in the wrong places.

5. Anal sex

With butt sex gaining acceptance in the mainstream sex culture, men fantasize about doing it with their partners. But then, that area of the human body isn’t designed for sex. It has a more important role in a human’s survival. If you use it for pleasure, you might be compromising its proper functioning.

Well, not in most cases, though. But some women don’t prefer anal sex. They say it’s not a guarantee for them to come and it’s just not fun.

6. Beach sex

Sex on the beach sounds exciting. With the wind, sand, and waves all around you, the beach is just a perfect place to be more sensual. But because of some horrifying experiences, some women prefer not to have sex on the beach ever again. With the sands all over their butt, vagina, and hands, the place isn’t just ideal.

7. Acrobatic sex

Obviously, not all women are that flexible. Maintaining balance or worrying not to fall off the bed can kill their sexual desires. Think twice then if you’re planning to execute that sex position you’ve seen on online porn.

8. Reverse cowgirl

This position gives men a much considerable view, which is less favorable for women. Seeing their partner’s feet isn’t an interesting sight. In some cases, a reverse cowgirl position can go out of hand. Some men injured their penises or got swollen testicles because girls can be rough riders at some point.

9. Threesome

Threesomes can look exciting but not always when you’re with the wrong group. Some women say moving with too many limbs can be exhausting. Others say it makes them feel awkward while others recall how they’re left out as if they’re not part of the group. Instead of a willing participant, they transformed into an embarrassed spectator. Maybe, ‘the more the merrier’ isn’t always true.

10. Blowjobs

Men love to give women orals. But not all women are delighted to give men BJs. For them, it’s a lot of hard work. Repressing their gag reflex isn’t fun either. When your partner refuses to go down, stop making any effort to persuade them into doing it. It’s not just in their forte, sorry.

11. 69

Whether they’d be on top or below, 69 doesn’t work for some women. They find it difficult to multitask. For them, giving and receiving shouldn’t be done simultaneously. It’s hard for them to appreciate your good works when their mind is busy with something else. For an efficient flow, might as well take turns.

12. Erotic eating

Also known as ‘feederism’, erotic eating is gaining popularity these days. Some people just get aroused watching someone eat slowly and suggestively. The act makes them more sensual and inevitably triggers their imagination. Besides, eating food and having sex are two of life’s great pleasures. Yet, not all women are too happy about it. Perhaps, it depends upon the type of food you prepare?

13. Doggie

spooning sexThis sex position allows for more penetrative sex. While deep thrusts give more pleasure, some women just hate being in all fours. One woman says she hates to be in that position because seeing the face of the person fucking her is more pleasurable.

14. Sex in a public place

Having sex outside without anyone’s catching you can give some chills and thrills at the same time. While having sex at the theatre’s comfort room can be possible, it still won’t give you the freedom to make more noise as much as you want. For this reason, one woman says she avoids having sex outside of the bedroom. She just won’t give up the unlimited sexual freedom she enjoys in a more comfortable place.

15. Spooning

This is another position where women think men get the most advantage. They say it’s easier for the big spoon to move around and cuddle you, which is one of the most comfortable feelings in the world. But when you’re the little spoon, you’re stuck in one position and could hardly move.

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