5 Filthy Things Women Really Want in Bed

by Dennis K
man seducing blindfolded woman getting intimate in bed

Women are complicated creatures. While the world thinks that men are obsessed with sex, women are meant to treat it like the precious gift they only give away on rare occasions. However as feminism really takes its hold and women speak out more freely, it has become clear that women love sex just as much as men do, and also hold strong opinions on what they like and dislike.

However, despite the moves forward, women speaking forwardly about sex is still somewhat of a rarity. This makes it all the more difficult for guys to guess what chicks truly want in the bedroom and what really turns them on.

If you have been lucky enough to sleep with an outspoken lady, ready to instruct you on her fantasies, you will, probably already know that she will say something like this:

For you to take control

preview-full-phone-sex-operatorsWomen often feel that they are in control all day. With such importance on a tight image and making sure they have everything above board (kids, job, housework), sometimes they like someone else to take control. Rather than leaving all the sexy decisions up to her to work out what you want next, why not try taking some on yourself. Throw her down on the bed and instruct her where you want her. Don’t necessarily run straight for the whip and handcuffs, but sometimes a little rough is just what she’s looking for.

Take it slow

In the heat of the moment, often men like to rush right in, and really go for it. It can be difficult to resist a sexy woman right in front of you. However, women like to take it a little more slowly, making sure they have a build up to the moment. Foreplay is crucial here. Make sure you start with kissing, introducing your lips to those sexy places all over her body. This will get her aroused, stimulating her erogenous zones, sending shivers down her spine. The longer it lasts, the more fun and experimental she is likely to feel.

Surprise her

Women love to be taken by surprise when it comes to sex. They like to feel that you were spontaneously overwhelmed by her. Try instigating sex outside the bedroom. You don’t necessarily have to be outside, but why not whip her clothes off in the kitchen, or spread her out across the dining table. Not only will it bring a whole new dynamic to your relationship, it will change the way you live in your home!

Play dress up

Women love to wear sexy lingerie. They would never ask you for it, but they feel embarrassed buying it for themselves. Especially in cases where women are in a relationship, popping out of the bedroom in a lacy number can seem a little bizarre to do out of the blue. You know that you would love it, but often she’s too embarrassed to try. So why don’t you be the one who buys the special surprise?

Dirty talk

preview-full-sex-in-kitchenWomen love to hear the bad things you want to do to them. They don’t need to hear anything tacky, but they do want to hear how irresistible you find them. So get close to her ear and whisper all those dirty tricks you would love to try.

Women are not all that different to men. Their shyness comes purely from the social conventions placed upon them. Just like you, they want hot, dirty, rough all-night sexy time!

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