5 First Impressions You Make on Women

by Dennis K

That extra spray of cologne might persuade you that you are going to be a hit with the ladies tonight, however, women are complex creatures and first impressions can be much more in-depth that this. Whether you are heading out on a date or hoping to bump into your future Juliet, you may want to consider exactly what it is they are looking for in a man. Equally, you want to think about how they will receive you off the bat; you may be the friendliest guy in the world, but if your appearance at the first impression is lack-luster, she is unlikely to see passed this. So here is what a lady notices upon the first impression, so keep an eye on these things to keep your first impression smooth.

 1. Shoes

preview-full-1-Oxfords shoesWhile all women have different tastes in shoes, this is something that a woman first claps her eyes on. If your shoes are dirty, scuffed, or in disrepair, it shows her that you are slovenly. If they are out of fashion, it shows her that you are not interested in staying up to date with the current world. Equally, if you are wearing work boots, or even work loafers, this can show that you don’t really care for your life outside your work hours, otherwise, you would own clothes for those occasions. Be careful with your shoes and choose them wisely to give off the kind of impression that you want to say about yourself.

 2. Hair style

Obviously, women have different tastes in hair styles. However, the very question here is how you style it or at all. If your hair looks greasy, it shows that it needs washing, which shows laziness. If your hair in in a combover, it might show that you are insecure by trying to hide something. Some ladies may find a bald head attractive, some might find dreadlocks attractive. The style is irrelevant, but they will be looking to see if your haircare routine displays intimate signs of your inner character.

 3. Your greeting

This is your first spoken impression. Handshakes can be a little stiff, but a full on hug can be a little overbearing. This is difficult to get right and must be tailored to the situation. However, go lightly. Kissing her hand may make you think you’re a casanova but in fact it is very reminiscent of sleazy characters in movies. If you call her dude or mate, the likelihood is she is going to presume you’re not interested in her sexually. Keep it casual, and perhaps keep it to a light air kiss on the cheek or a very light handshake.

 4. If you keep checking your phone

If you keep checking your phone, this will turn a girl off immediately. This may be because you are very busy, but it actually makes her feel as though you are disinterested. Equally, it shows her what to expect in future interactions, where you will be on your phone while you two are out in public.

5. Listening Skills

preview-full-600sq_display_signs_hes_into_you_0When you are conversing, she wants to know that you are listening, not just considering the time you might be able to take her home. Try repeating back to her or asking her further questions to show you are engaged in what she has to say.

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