5 Foods to Fight Hair Loss

by Dennis K

Age comes at us with a gun in one hand and a loot bag in the other, with a violent promise to steal the beauty of your youth! As we get older, we start to see the changes in our bodies. The body starts to sag as the skin wrinkles, losing its former elasticity. The bones seem to weaken as we feel strenuous tasks becoming more difficult. And the hair starts to grow and for many men, thin out, even to baldness.

preview-full-NS-Dozen-Oysters-002-2-300dpi-croppedWhen it comes to hair thinning, it is quite a well-known fact that it affects people usually due to genetics. However, genetics are not an inevitability, more of a predisposition. If your father has lost his hair, you are more likely to lose your hair. Despite this sad fact, there are certain foods that help with reducing hair loss. If you feel your scalp starting to thin our and the shower plughole starting to fill up, maybe it’s time to introduce higher quantities of these foods into your diet.


What people do not realise is that a main reason for hair loss is iron deficiency. This is because iron helps to make red blood cells, and the lack of blood reaching the scalp means that it is far more likely to fall out. Luckily, spinach is extremely high in iron, which helps to reduce this process. Moreover, spinach is high in sebum, which conditions hair, meaning that when it leaves the scalp it is far healthier, reducing the chance that it will break off.

Pumpkin seeds

Hair loss can also be due to a flaky scalp. When the scalp is flaky, it is harder for the hair to come through healthily. Equally, this is a sign that the pores are not getting all the nutrients that they need. Pumpkin seeds are really high in zinc. This mineral helps to prevent dryness of the scalp, which will stop you from scratching and pulling hair out, as well as ensuring that the hair grows properly.

Turkey or chicken

Hair loss is normal. Most people lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair a day. But if you feel like your hair is excessively thinning, increasing your protein intake will help to bump up the number of hairs produced, as proteins are the building blocks of hair. Choose a lean, high-protein meat source such as turkey or chicken.


Oysters and clams are especially high in iron. If you find that you are having serious hair loss problems, introducing these things into your life will help to combat thinning hair. Equally, they will spice up your sex life as a natural aphrodisiac!


The oils in walnuts are a major component in building the elastin in your hair, essential to effective and healthy hair growth. When you have deficiencies of these types of oils in your body, the likelihood is that your hair is weak and keeps snapping off. These oils help each strand to grow stronger, which will stop it from falling out so easily.

preview-full-pumpkin-seeds-with-pumpkin-and-leaves (2)Overall, it is important to make sure you are receiving all the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals from your food to ensure that you are generating healthy blood flow to the scalp, while keeping the scalp moisturized and strong to support the hair that leaves it. If you are struggling to get the right amount of vitamins, try a supplement like ‘Ultimate Man once a day’, as this will help to make sure you have a salacious balance of everything you need to combat rapid signs of aging.

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