5 Positive Aspects of Running That Have Nothing to do with Weight Loss

by Dennis K
fit couple running together

Some people love to run and some people don’t. Those who don’t have reasons many can relate to. Running is difficult. It is exhausting. There’s perspiration and the scent that comes out of it isn’t particularly appealing. Nevertheless, some people still run because they need to, typically for losing weight. But what about those people who just love to run for the sake of it? Yes, those people exist in this world. What’s in running that makes them want to do it more and often if not for losing weight or just being part of a fitness regimen? Could there be other reasons? Apparently, there are other gains you can get from running that have nothing to do with wanting to look slimmer. Here they are:

Running is empowering

man having a morning jogWith everyone’s daily routine that mostly consists of work and getting rest at home, so you can return the following day to work again, is there anything that makes you feel powerful? For some people, running gives them exactly that. It gives their bodies a sense of purpose and strength at the same time. It gives them a reason to celebrate or to feel accomplished whenever they become faster as runners or become able to run longer distances because it’s like breaking barriers and surpassing challenges.

Running helps one think

It’s hard to find a time where you can be totally present with your thoughts and emotions. People nowadays are glued to their computers or phones that there’s rarely an opportunity to really focus on what they’re thinking and feeling. Running can be that exact moment you need to really focus on your reflections and ideas. It can also help you connect with your emotions that can possibly lead to realizations and decisions that wouldn’t be clear if you just stayed at home with all the temptations (bed, couch, fridge) and distractions (phone, internet).

Running makes one feel alive

Pushing your body to a certain speed to reach a certain distance can bring a unique sense of excitement and revitalization. Of course, not all runners feel this way, at least not all the time. There are moments of being down, too. But there are good days when you just feel restored in your personhood that makes you appreciate your life even more and what you can do with it.

Running can be your time for yourself

man runningOthers go to the gym or spa, but for people who love to run, it’s their very own “me time”. With your music and the pretty scenery that you’re able to see while running; it can be pretty much soothing rather than exhausting. It’s a healthy way to unwind and get to know the place you live in even more. By running with nothing but your favorite songs and the smell of the trees and the earth, you get to build a place for you to retreat when the corporate world becomes, well, too corporate, and the modern society becomes too overwhelming to deal with.

Running makes the body feel great

Running is also healthy, which means it’s good for the body. By running, you feel good inside and out. When you feel good, you feel more beautiful and more energized to do what you love to do. You feel confident of your body and even of your entire well-being because you know you’re making healthy choices.

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