5 Urologic Emergencies Men Should Be Wary Of

by Danny Fernsby

            Urologic emergencies require immediate medical intervention, otherwise, you’re at risk of losing your sex organ. Your sexual and reproductive functions are also at risk of being permanently impaired.

            There are many types of urologic emergencies, and some are accompanied by intense pain and discomfort which may prompt you to visit the emergency room right away. Take a look at these 5 urologic emergencies and find out how you can recognize the early signs.

  1. Penile Fracture

            Even though there’s no bone inside your penis, it can still get fractured. Inside your sex organ, you’ll find two regions of erectile tissues called the corpora cavernosa. Your penile tunica albuginea wraps around your corpora cavernosa, covering and protecting the erectile tissue.

            When you get in an accident, such as when you hit your partner’s pubic bone or perineum during vigorous sexual activity, you may experience a penile fracture. You’ll most likely hear a pop, which is the sound of your corpora cavernosum being traumatically ruptured.

5 Urologic Emergencies Men Should Be Wary Of            You’ll experience an intense pain and your erection will immediately go away. Your corpora cavernosa trap the blood inside your penis in order for your sex organ to stand at attention. When a corpora cavernosa ruptures, the blood flows out of your penile vein, leading to immediate detumescence.

            A penile fracture can also turn your penis purple, which is also referred to as an eggplant deformity. This happens because of hematoma collecting in between your penile tunica albuginea and your penile skin.

  1. Urethral Ruptures

            Urethral injuries can happen as a result of pelvic trauma, penile fracture, and straddle injury. A penile fracture is usually accompanied by urethral injuries. This is why men who seek medical assistance for penile fracture are also examined for a possible rupture of the urethra.

            A urethral injury may involve only a partial disruption of your urethra, or it may be completely ruptured. Traumatic pelvic fractures usually result in complete disruption of the posterior urethra. If you suffer a urethral injury that causes your urethra to rupture, it can have lasting effects such as incontinence, urethral stricture, and even erectile dysfunction.

            When your urethra is ruptured, it’s usually accompanied by hematoma forming below the skin of your penis, causing your penis to become purplish in appearance. You may also notice blood in your urethral meatus or the opening of your penis. You may also find it difficult to urinate, and your urine may even turn red due to blood getting mixed with it.

  1. Priapism

            Even if you’re wishing you can maintain your erection for hours so you can enjoy sex longer, you wouldn’t want to experience priapism. This is a urologic emergency characterized by a prolonged persistent erection of the penis lasting for more than 4 hours without sexual stimulation or after sexual stimulation has ended.

            If you’re getting an erection that won’t go away even if you’re not feeling particularly sexually aroused, you should head to the emergency room without delay. Priapism can actually make you impotent if you don’t get it corrected within 24 hours.

            When priapism is treated a full day after it began, your chances of developing erectile dysfunction are 50%-90%. If you get it treated 36 hours after the onset, your chances of escaping erectile dysfunction are almost nil.

  1. Paraphimosis

            Normally, you should be able to pull your foreskin back from your penis glans if you’re uncircumcised. However, your foreskin can become swollen and stuck, preventing you from retracting it back to its normal position over the head of your penis. This condition is referred to as paraphimosis, and it can lead to serious problems if not treated right away.

            The swollen foreskin can strangulate your penis glans, cutting off the supply of blood to the head of your penis. Don’t wait for your penis glans to become dark red or blue because that’s already a sign that the cells in your penis glans are no longer getting enough blood. If you wait longer before you get medical attention, those cells will already necrotize and die.

            This means that if you don’t get paraphimosis immediately treated, it can result in gangrene. Then your doctor will have to amputate your penis glans. If the necrosis spreads to your penile shaft, your doctor may need to remove the shaft, too. In short, if you think your foreskin is a little bit swollen, get it checked right away if you don’t want to lose your penis.

  1. Fournier Gangrene

5 Urologic Emergencies Men Should Be Wary Of            Fournier gangrene is another urologic emergency that can result in the loss of your sex organ. It affects your genitalia and can even spread to your perineum. The erectile tissues inside your penis are actually covered by fascia, which are layers of fibrous tissues that protect erectile tissues.

            Fournier gangrene happens as a result of microbial infections caused by Streptococcus pyogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, or Bacteroides species. The disease can begin as redness, tenderness, and edema in your scrotal skin. You may also experience fever and intense genital pain.

            The infection affects the fascia in your penis, perineum, and in your perianal region. Elderly men with diabetes and have a history of alcoholism are particularly susceptible to Fournier gangrene.

            This condition is actually life-threatening because it causes your fascia to necrotize. This means that the connective tissue protecting your penis and other surrounding organs start to die. If the dead tissues are not surgically removed and the necrosis spreads, it can result in septic shock and multiorgan failure.

Protecting Your Erection

            If you want to be able to protect your erectile function, taking good care of your penis isn’t enough. You also need to take care of your hormonal levels as well as your blood circulation because these are important factors that greatly influence your ability to achieve erections.

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