6 Sex Tips for Men by Lesbians on How to Really Pleasure Women

by Dennis K

couple having sex woman on topAs red-blooded straight males, there is something extremely enticing about lesbian sex. The idea of two women getting down and dirty is a real turn on and fantasy most men would love to fulfil in their lifetimes. However, here’s the catch. Lesbians like girls. So while it isn’t necessarily something you can get your hands, it is something from which you can learn. Lesbians are with women and as women themselves, they really know how women like to be handled; what their turn-ons are and what makes them scream in the bedroom.

Here are a few helpful hints from lesbians to help you understand how to give your woman all the pleasure she desires.


Women love foreplay, but even more, they love fore-foreplay. Women love to be teased. Their bodies are covered with erogenous zones apart from the standard genitals. Giving her a sensual full body massage with oils will really get her lifted. Try massaging just under the navel, as well as on the big toes, and around the neck and ears. These areas are extremely sensitive to women and send signals to the brain to get ready for sex.

Warm her up

The clitoris can be quite sensitive and the vaginal opening itself needs a little stimulation to get her ready for sex. Try gently massaging the outer labia first. This stimulates the vagina, preparing it by releasing lubricants and opening it up to be pleasured.

Use exciting lube

Not all women are naturally very well lubricated, and even this can depend on where she is in her cycle. Due to this, you might want to consider lubrication before jamming your fingers into somewhere that isn’t going to allow you in smoothly. Try using lubrication that has a tingling sensation. This will stimulate the nerve endings in the vagina which will increase the pleasure, exciting her for what is to come.

All fours

Women love to be given head on all fours. Unlike other positions, the tongue penetrates at an unusual angle, which slips straight under the hood of the clitoris, while you can also penetrate the vagina, getting close the G spot. It also means you get a face full of butt which is an extremely sexy position to be in!

Know where the G-spot is

As grown men, this should be something you are familiar with, but this is not always the case. A woman’s G-spot is around 2 inches into the vagina on the top of the vaginal canal. If you slip in a digit, you can feel that the texture changes. During foreplay, try stroking it gently, using two fingers in a kind of ‘come her’ motion. When having sex, pull your penis out and pulse back and forth inside of her with the tip to really stimulate that area. If you work the clitoris at the same time, you can cause her to have a double orgasm from both places, and watch the pleasure rip through her whole body!

Recognize her sounds

preview-full-sex couple in bed getting intimateIf she’s breathing heavily and it is starting to become a little erratic, she’s enjoying it. Don’t move on to something new but go with it and do it more. Learn to understand her pleasure but hers is the key to yours!


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