by Danny Fernsby

While love isn’t determined by height, comfortable sex can be. When you and your partner are very different heights, finding sexual positions that compliment both of your sizes is important. If you or your partner is very tall, you may need to bend down, which can be annoying. If shorter, you may need to get on your tip toes or constantly strain your neck to reach your partner.

If you and your partner are in missionary position, and you are taller, you may find that your partner is staring at your chest rather than your eyes. This can lower the intimacy in your sexual relationship and lead to awkward sexual relations.

Neither of you can alter your heights, but you can alter your sexual positions, easily.

Here are 9 positions that can turn your sexual encounters into fun activities that both of you love.


This positions is excellent when you and your partner are different heights as it removes the issue of your height differences completely because you are lying on your back. To perform the reverse cowgirl, ask that your partner straddle you and face towards your feet. He or she can control the thrusting speed and depth to get maximum pleasure while you get an amazing view of him or her doing so. If your partner is female, the reverse cowgirl is also great if you have a large penis as it allows you to reach her G-spot. While you may not see her face when she reaches orgasm, you can enjoy the way her body moves during climax.


To counteract the lack of face-to-face interaction that may be missing when doing the reverse cowgirl, the table top allows you two to connect more intimately. This doesn’t have to actually be performed on a table top, you can use any surface that will support both of your weights. Ask that your partner lie or sit on the edge of a counter, bed, or table and enter them.

The table top ensures that both of you are at the same level, can reach each other’s faces, and reduces neck strain from your partner looking up at you. With this position, you can enjoy watching each other’s pleasure.


This lazy Saturday position is great if you have just woken up, are going to sleep, or are vastly different heights. This allows you very close contact with your partner’s body and excellent access to your partner’s clitoris or penis. For women, orgasms are often gotten through clitoral stimulation so this position can help you boost her pleasure.


To perform the close-up, you just sit down with your feet tucked underneath you, and ask your partner to straddle you. If you have a large penis, this position is excellent because you can be face-to-face so you can enjoy eye contact, make out, and kiss to increase your intimacy.


The snake is a really simple position that can boost your sexual relations. To perform this move, just ask your partner to lie on their stomach and penetrate them from the back. To get an even better angle you may want your partner to place a pillow under his or her pelvis. If your partner is female she can stimulate her clitoris and if male, he can stimulate his penis and testicles to receive maximum pleasure.


Doggy style is iconic for its ease and pleasure. Ask your partner to kneel on their hands and knees and penetrate him or her from behind. Doggy style pushes your partner’s hips and knees up so you have easy access to all of the pleasure-producing zones. You can reach around to stimulate your female partner’s clitoris or adjust a little to stimulate your male partner’s prostate. Both of these areas are excellent for amazing orgasms.

To place your penis in the same region as your female partner’s vagina, you can stand while she kneels on the bed. Not to mention, this position allows for a great view of your partner’s behind so you can watch all of the action as it occurs.


9 SEXUAL POSITIONS WHEN YOU AND YOUR PARTNER ARE VERY DIFFERENT HEIGHTSThis position only requires you, your partner, and a sofa. Ask your partner to kneel and then drape themselves over the sofa’s back or side. From this angle you can penetrate them with ease. While doggy style is excellent, it can be hard to align both of your hips. The sofa embrace allows your partner to adjust themselves until both of your hips are in the perfect position.


This position is great so that you or your partner can adjust so that your hips match. Easily performed, you just kneel while your partner lies on his or her back with their knees up and their back like a bridge. You can adjust them as needed and they can pull you in deeper if they would like. This position allows for a great deal of comfort, but after some time, your partner may need to rest their back as holding themselves like a bridge may cause strain.


Cleverly named, this position gets rid of any issues of a height difference. This position allows you and your partner to have sexual relations in many different locations, which can add some adventure and excitement to your lives. To perform this position, ask your partner to lie on their backs, hold their legs in the air and cross them at the knees or ankles. When on a high bed, dining room or kitchen table, or a more adventurous place, like the counter of a public bathroom, you can stand at your full height and both of you can enjoy the myriad of high places to have sexual relations.

Your height differences are not a boon to your sexual relations, they only allow you a lot more creative need that you can easily meet. So, before you start, stop and think of some fun and high places to enjoy each other. It’s well worth it.

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