9 Tips to Happiness

by Danny Fernsby

Happiness can be hard to find for some people. Most people chose a career of their choosing and believe happiness will see them one day, but life doesn’t always work out that way. Life is sometimes a complicated mess with tons of stressful arguments and thought-provoking ideas. There are many ways to be happy in life but for someone to chase happiness they first have to be ready to pause another activity and commit themselves to be satisfied. You can’t expect happiness to fall in line when needed. It’s a belief that has to be neutered and praised with positivity. If you want to experience happiness, then follow these nine tips:

  1. Exercise  

Some people love to exercise while others hate it; however, exercise has been proven to improve your mood. If you’re the type of person that loathes exercising then try ten-minute intervals of physical activity. It can be small activities like stretching, walking, even jump rope. If you find these exercises to be too easy, then why not try thirty minutes a day? It’s better to perform daily amounts of physical activity than a significant amount in one day. Therefore, you can start small and increase your time or the intensity throughout the week in order to receive a good workout. It’s essential to remember to make your workouts fun. If you’re not enjoying your routine, then try switching it up. There are always videos on YouTube for fitness related routines if you need some inspiration.

  1. Sleep longer

9 Tips to HappinessIt’s crucial that you get a good night’s rest. Some people might find it hard to get a good sleep due to their busy schedule, health reasons, or living condition. However, sleep is essential to your mood and happiness. Since sleep helps your body in restoring itself from the wear and tear of the day, it’s imperative that you sleep between seven to nine hours a night. With restful sleep, you’ll feel more focused, and you can be more creative in your professional efforts.

  1. Socialize

Socializing is essential since you can talk and interact with family and friends. Talking is vital if you want to live a happy life. A person who is honest with themselves and others about who they are, what they want, and what they expect is a person who will find happiness. People hesitate to be honest even with themselves because they fear it will change a part of them. But socializing with people who understand the real you will not only make memories but formulate happiness.

  1. Take a nature walk

It’s important to talk a walk-in nature occasionally. Technology has many purposes, but it can’t live up to the scenic view of the beach in real time. That’s why you need to put the cell phone, laptop, and tablet away and step outside. Twenty minutes is all it takes for the cool breeze to put a smile on your face. You can even take nature walks on your lunch break if your office is close to a park, forest, or nature trail.

  1. Help someone in need

It’s commonly known that helping others can make yourself happy. While some people might find helping other people purely for your own satisfaction selfish, it does increase happiness. In fact, there are various ways to help people too. You can volunteer at a local library, donate school supplies to a school, volunteer at a pet shelter, or even help a neighbor move. Helping someone in need not only displays kindness but also compassion for that person and what he or she is going through. Therefore, you’ll not only help another person with their happiness, but you’ll aid in receiving your own.

  1. Laugh once in a while

Having a sense of humor is crucial in this world. While there are many different types of fun, there are also different types of laughter. However, the best kind of laugh is a belly laugh. It’s hard to achieve a belly laugh indeed if you’re not a comedian. Although, having a good laugh about ceremonial topics is needed in life. Some people like comedy shows due to the funny one-liners that make them forget about their troubles. After all, laughter should express happiness in a situation or event. If you’re happy, there’s no need to worry about stress-related problems.

  1. Take a trip

9 Tips to HappinessTaking a vacation is essential to happiness. Often people make plans but then don’t follow through due to money troubles, health problems, or work. When a person gets older, they start to regret all the trips they didn’t take as they were younger. Money can come and go just as jobs can, but you’ll always have your experiences. Sometimes a trip might not be as fabulous as you expected it would be but at least you experienced the culture, food, and clothes of another region.

  1. Meditate

Meditation can help soothe the emotions as well as rid the mind of negative thoughts. However, meditation is not just an action it’s a mental exercise as well. To meditate you need to focus on your breathing and naturally become one with your body. Meditation can also boost focus and attention spans on an activity. Therefore, someone who meditates will have an easier time transitioning into being a happy person, since happiness is created when there are no negative thoughts about others or yourself. A person who mediates strips the body of any negativity, consequently, making themselves open to the possibility of happiness.

  1. Make your commute time shorter

Commuting to work morning and night five days a week can be stressful. Many people get into traffic accidents over not paying attention to the smallest detail. Cops swarm at exits to see if they can ticket a person trying to run their daily errands. However, if you make your commute time shorter, you cut back on these everyday stresses like road rage and bumper to bumper traffic.

Always remember to live a happy life!

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