About Us

by Dennis K

About UsHealthManix was founded in 2015 by a team of highly-skilled health experts, nutritionists, and analysts. Together, they have created an internet portal where readers and contributors converge to produce content that is both timely and informative. Today, HealthManix has produced over 200 pages of content with the help of its growing team of experts, and the HealthManix community.

The primary goal of HealthManix is to produce unbiased and untainted reviews of health supplement products to give customers a fresh perspective on a brand or product. The website does not engage in, nor does it solicit endorsements or advertising from brands to preserve the impartiality of itsindependent reviews.

HealthManix is currently transitioning towards more advanced and complex content that involves videos, e-books, and other media forms to improve the delivery of information to its audience. As the HealthManix community grows,  you can expect the website to increase its coverage of the best health products on the market today.