Advantages of Standup Paddleboarding

by Danny Fernsby

Sometimes it may be difficult to find an exercise that works best for you. Some people like running or jogging while others like taking studio classes that feature workouts like Zumba and spinning. These types of exercises are known for distracting people from their hectic schedules and busy lives, however rarely do these exercises relax a person. Some people want an exercise that features a relaxing element to the workout, so they can feel at peace both throughout the body and the mind. Standup paddleboarding is a great workout that allows a person to work out various muscle groups but also allows the body to relax in the company of open water. But if standup paddleboarding is such an excellent workout for the body why are so few people practicing the activity?

Here are the top nine benefits of standup paddleboarding:

Better balance

If you have ever tried standup paddleboarding, then you might have noticed that your balance improved. To continue standing up on the paddleboard your core muscles as well as your legs have to retain their stability in addition to their resistance to the pull of the water in order to preserve balance. Having proper balance is essential to everyday activities like walking, picking up items, and even driving. Thus, if you practice standup paddleboarding, you can enhance your balance in daily activities.

Total body workout 

Due to the standing nature of this workout, you’ll likely exercise every muscle group by the end of your workout. In fact, since your core muscles and legs are diligently working at preserving your balancing on the paddleboard your other muscles like your shoulders and arms will be used to push the board forward with or against the water. Therefore, your body will be worked out to its full extent when you practice standup paddleboarding. Total body workouts are requested by some and thought to be too intense for others. If you want a total body workout standup paddleboarding could be for you, however, if you only want to work out one muscle group at a time, it’s best to choose a different activity.

Low impact  

Advantages of Standup PaddleboardingUnlike running or jogging that is thought to be a high impact workout, standup paddleboarding doesn’t put pressure on your joints and therefore, is considered a low impact exercise. Low impact exercise is considered less dangerous to the body and will cause if any few injuries to the body. Standup paddleboarding is an excellent exercise for kids, elderly adults, and adults with healed physical injuries. Therefore, standup paddleboarding is perfect for anyone who wants to have fun and try a different workout as well.

Decreases stress

While any exercise can decrease stress, some workouts can relieve stress in different ways. For example, by exercising on a paddleboard, you can find that the water of the ocean naturally calms you. In fact, some people might find that the ocean allows them to think and process events and situations in an even-tempered manner. However, other workouts like Zumba and even working out from a gym don’t offer such relaxed settings. Therefore, not only do you reap the rewards of a total body workout, but you also receive the calming effect of the ocean waters when you exercise on a standup paddleboard. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Enhances strength

Due to balancing, you’ll notice that your core muscles and legs will become stronger. Every time you set out to paddleboard standing up your core muscles, as well as your legs, will be worked as they resist the pull of the water and preserve your balance. Therefore, over time you’ll see a change in your strength especially in your core muscles and your legs. In fact, some people see a shift in their strength in their arm muscles due to the length of time they paddle. However, a change in strength in the muscles of the body may vary depending on the length of time you paddle, the intensity with which you paddle, and how extreme the waves of the water are.

Enhances cardiovascular fitness

As usual, it depends on how long you decide to exercise, however, standup paddleboarding has been known to improve cardiovascular fitness in individuals. Since your heart gets worked with this exercise more than most, due to the difficulty of keeping balancing and padding through the water some people might find themselves even out of breath if they don’t pace themselves correctly. Therefore, if you’re looking for an excellent cardiovascular workout standup paddleboarding may be for you.

Helpful for people who are recovering from injuries

Due to its low impact status standup paddleboarding is the perfect exercise for individuals who are recovering from a physical injury. Not only will it not cause pain to a person’s joints but depending on the area, the water can be soothing on the joints. If a person is looking to improve their strength and endurance in a low impact workout standup paddleboarding may just be the exercise needed.

Enhances endurance

Advantages of Standup PaddleboardingLearning how to standup paddleboard can be challenging, however, once you understand the necessary muscle movement needed to standup paddleboard you’ll soon start moving fast. In fact, you’ll increase your endurance once you know how to keep the proper balance. Once you increase your stamina, you can exercise longer and faster which will result in a harder and a more intense workout. Some people like an intense workout while some people like an easygoing exercise. Whether you like either type of workout method, you can work out to your selected speed and your selected time when you work out on a standup paddleboard.

You can exercise in nature  

Unlike most exercises that are usually confined indoors, standup paddleboarding is unrestricted to four walls. Instead, standup paddleboarding features a scenic view of nature that most people don’t see every day. In fact, people who practice paddleboarding standing up feel at ease with themselves and the world due to the view they see while they work out.

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