Approaching the Gym in the New Year-What Are the Best Cardio Machines?

by Dennis K

Joining a new gym can be intimidating with all of the new faces and pieces of equipment you are both unfamiliar with.

Even if you aren’t a journeyman when it comes to fitness, arguably the least enjoyable part of everyone’s routine is the cardio aspect.

Cardio usually consumes the most time out of your routine, and is the most boring and dull part of your routine as well. Make the best out of this situation by getting the most out of your time and using the best machines available at the gym.

Some machines are just better than others and are worth your time as opposed to those other machines that are just slowing you down.

Here Are Our Choices as Far as the Best Cardio Machines at the Gym Are Concerned


Most gyms are loaded with treadmills because they are a very popular machine, and for good reason. When it comes to mimicking the feeling you get from running outside, nothing comes as close as the treadmill.

Approaching the Gym in the New Year-What Are the Best Cardio Machines?

The treadmill is great because it doesn’t put you in a fixed path like other machines which allows you more versatility when concerning how your body naturally moves.

Another benefit to the treadmill is that it is a full body workout, you are obviously using your legs to propel yourself, but you are also using your core and back for stabilization and your arms for balance.

Treadmills are great tools for any person of any type of fitness level as well. If you’re new to cardiovascular exercise, take it slow starting off by walking at a low resistance. If you’re more of an expert, crank up that resistance and increase the angle of the incline to really give yourself a challenge.

There is only one negative when it comes to the treadmill, and that is the potential for joint damage as a result of the impact from the exercise. Other than that reason, the treadmill is arguably the best cardio machine in the entire gym.

Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is one of those easily forgotten machines but is absolutely fantastic when it comes to cardiovascular endurance.

Like with the treadmill, using the rowing machine is a full body exercise that incorporates not just your legs, but your core, back and upper body as well. An additional benefit is that you have a huge range of motion here which can help you modify the exercise to make it more difficult or easy depending on your fitness levels.

The rowing machine brings a ton of benefits to the table but has two major drawbacks.

First, this machine isn’t exactly the most common one you’ll see at the gym so it might be hard to find one available all the time.

Second, because many people are unfamiliar with the machine and how to row in general, it is easy to have poor technique when rowing. Keep the handle at your midsection and not above your head to maintain proper form.

Stair Mill or Step-up Machine

The stair mill is hands down the best cardio machine if you’re looking to focus on your glutes, hamstrings and calves. The idea behind this machine lies in its name, as it is supposed to mirror the movement you make when you ascend a staircase.

The biggest negatives to the stair mill is that it really focuses heavily on the lower body and especially the back side while not engaging the upper body at much if at all.

Stationary Bike

elliptical machine for cardioStationary bikes are awesome pieces of equipment for those of us looking for a cardio workout without having to put too much stress on our joints. This piece of equipment if perfect for people who have some kind of physical limitation, or those that are recovering from injury.

This piece of equipment is also great for people who are new to the gym, and who aren’t in the best cardiovascular shape.

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