The Best Supplements for a Good Nights Rest-How You Can Easily Improve Your Sleep

by Dennis K
guy waking up from a good sleep

Supplements are used to improve our health and well being in many different ways-hence them being so popular among so many of us. The chances are that you are already taking a supplement to improve some aspect of your health, so why not do so for a better night’s rest?

Many of us don’t get enough sleep yet most of us are aware of how important it is to our health. Sleep impacts every area of our health, including its involvement in things like muscle repair, maintaining a normal heartbeat, and of course how well we are able to function cognitively.

If you are one of the many people out there who isn’t getting enough sleep or isn’t getting enough quality sleep there you can take supplements to help you do just that. Here are the best ones you can take to help you get quality rest.


businessman taking a napValerian extract comes from the root of the valerian plant, which is used for its tranquil inducing properties. It works by inhibiting some of our receptors which are involved with the central nervous system, causing a more relaxed and sedated feeling.

This popular sleep aid is versatile as well in that it can be taken in many different forms. You can take it in its extract liquid form by simply mixing it with a glass of water, or can take it in pill form.

When taking valerian, it is important to know that it contains natural alcohols on its own. It will be able to help you fall asleep all on its own, so make sure to not mix it with other depressants or sleep aids.


Melatonin is a hormone which helps us regulate our circadian rhythm, otherwise known as our “internal clock”. Melatonin is the hormone that your body begins to produce once the sun starts to set and it gets dark out, and is also linked to a following decrease in cortisol production.

Melatonin is the hormone that decreases our stress levels, allowing us to get in to that really relaxed state which makes for deep relaxing sleep.

Unfortunately many of us lack melatonin production due to things like over exposure to blue light from our devices, too much stress, and just having an irregular schedule. Taking a melatonin supplement at the end of the night about 2 hours before you plan on going to bed can help you get a better night’s rest.


Magnesium is a mineral that many of us are deficient in, which presents a major problem when it comes to sleep. One of the roles magnesium plays in the body has to do with enzymatic reactions, which affect virtually every aspect of our health.

man having peaceful sleepEnzymes are the tools our body uses to accelerate chemical reactions, and without them making some materials we need is much more difficult if not impossible.

One of the chemicals magnesium binds with is a neurotransmitter called GABA, which is important in regards to our sleep. Doing so helps us to get sleep faster by decreasing stress, and better regulating our moods.

Something to keep in mind when taking a magnesium supplement is that the dosage you need is going to vary greatly from person to person. Some people are more tolerant to magnesium than others, and if your dosage is too high it can cause indigestion and actually cause irritability.

For these reasons you should start with a low dose of magnesium, and to take your supplement on a full stomach as well.


If you aren’t already taking a multivitamin, it is a good idea to start doing so. As mentioned prior not getting a good night’s rest greatly revolves around getting the proper nutrition, which many of us fail to do.

Due to the poor diets many people eat, they are not just deficient in one micronutrient as in the case of magnesium, but many micronutrients. Taking a multivitamin is the best course of action here, as you will be able to get all that you need and at a much more reasonable price than if you purchased them all separately.

A product like Ultimate Man by Men’s Healthy Lifestyle is an excellent multivitamin which is going to give you all the nutrients that you need for better sleep. This product is made from high quality ingredients which are backed by a 100% money back guarantee, so you can be certain that it works.

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