Body Language Secrets: Your Way To A Stunning First Impression 

by Danny Fernsby

First impressions last. Some may disagree with this, but this is often the case. Anyway, when dating a woman or meeting a person for the first time, you should prepare to give them a strong and stunning first impression of you. You don’t have to look like a model to achieve this. A few tweaks in your body language can do the trick. And it’s totally free.

An impression is a person’s mental image of you right after your first encounter. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you tend to form this mental image of a person, which is mostly based on how you consciously or unconsciously observed the person during the encounter. In the same way, you leave a lasting impression on the other person based on what you show them.

If you want to leave the best impression on people, wow them the first time they meet you. This is not to say you’ll act to be the person you’re not. This is only saying you need to apply some tricks to enhance your conversational strategies and body language in a way that helps you express your true feelings, values, and unique personality. By becoming clear of what you utterly mean, you avoid being subtle and misunderstood. And you do this in a confident way, deliberately using your body language to work for you.

The secret to using your body language in a way that stuns people lies in three things: openness, interest, and confidence. Here’s how you do it.

Exhibit a body language that keeps your body windows open.

Body language specialist Patti Wood says that your body has windows where people can see you as an open or closed person, depending on how you orient them. These windows are your heart, eyes, throat, mouth, stomach, hands, and feet. While having these windows open is helpful in making first impressions, you also need to guard them to avoid people with bad intentions accessing your vulnerable side. But because you want to show the other person a part of your inner self, opening your windows is a must.

Open your heart

Try to communicate from an open heart that is characterized by warmth and honesty. An emotionally intense conversation engages you to the other person and increases the likelihood for a deeper connection.

Body Language Secrets: Your Way To A Stunning First Impression Look at the other person straight in the eye

Conversing with someone while having your eyes on your phone, your feet, or elsewhere is the easiest way to ruin the conversation. Your eyes are said to be the windows of your soul. It’s where the other person can measure your sincerity. Maintain an eye contact with the other person in a warm and friendly way.

Reveal your neck

In business settings, hiding your neck under a button up shirt and tie is acceptable, but try to avoid doing it in your dates or other social settings. You look more warm and welcoming when your neck is exposed.

Wear a smile

A smile is said to be a woman’s most precious jewelry. The same might hold true for men too. Facing someone with a frown will likely scare the other person. A smile makes you look more friendly, warm, and open. Smiling at the other person will even make them feel appealing.

Avoid crossing your arms across your stomach

When you face another person with arms crossed over your stomach, you convey the message of defensiveness. The other person will have the sense that you’re putting a barrier between you and them.

Show your hands with palms open

Some people talk to others with hands inside their pockets or tuck under the table or stash behind their backs. But these behaviors are often seen in dishonest people. Never do this, especially balling your hands into fists. What you should do instead is leave them at your sides or on top of the table. Using your hand gestures with palms open shows that you’re an open and friendly individual.

Watch your feet

Among your body windows, your feet is the most honest. It can’t lie because you tend to move it in a more unconscious manner. If you’re not confident, your feet will show it by freezing or taking a step back. Show more confidence by stepping forward and planting them in front of the other person.

Exhibit a body language that shows interest.

Though you can show your interest in the other person by asking questions that engage them and listening attentively, your behavior conveys a more dramatic interaction. Show your interest to the other person by doing the following:

Smile often

Your smile can encourage the other person to go on because this makes them feel what they’re talking about makes sense to you.

Nod in agreement

Don’t just say yes when you agree on something. Nod your head to show that you fully get the point.

Lean forward

Leaning forward helps you emphasize the point that you’re trying to get across. It also shows you’re open to becoming closer with the other person.

Make a lot of eye contact

Making an eye contact shows that you are listening attentively. However, don’t overdo it as it can make the other person feel awkward. Looking at them for about 60% of the time is enough to keep your focus on them.

Face the other person

Face your partner especially when she’s a woman. Men can converse side by side and with less eye contact. But with women, facing them directly facilitates more eye contact and more closeness.

Body Language Secrets: Your Way To A Stunning First Impression Touch the other person lightly

If you’ve noticed, some people who touch others when they speak are more liked by others. A light touch creates feelings of intimacy, connection or warmth.

Don’t extend your legs

When you extend your legs in front of the other person, they might feel you’re creating a barrier between you and them. Remember not to do it.

 Exhibit a body language that shows confidence.

Some people who are confident aren’t born with it. It’s a skill they have come to master and which you can learn too. Confidence takes a lot of skill. Others even say that you have to fake it till you make it. This doesn’t hurt though. You don’t need to convince yourself to act confidently. You just have to do it till you make it.

People want to be with someone who is able to raise their own status. And when you show you’re comfortable and relaxed, it relaxes the air around you making the other person feel comfortable in your presence. You can begin to act confident with the following steps.

Acknowledge your flaws

Don’t hide anything. If you feel you’re too skinny or too flabby, don’t do things to hide these flaws. Accept what you have. People will get the cue when you feel awkward about yourself.

Practice poise

Breathing slowly and deeply can help you calm yourself. When you appear calm and collected, people will see you as being confident of yourself.

Stand or sit with a good posture

A good posture exudes confidence and good health. But avoid making your body too rigid. Stand straight but in a relaxed manner.

Make hand gestures when you talk

Hand gestures help you achieve more confidence. It will not only make the other person feel comfortable talking to you but it also reduces the chances of having an awkward silence.

Practice all these body languages often until they will come naturally to you. Most of all be genuine and authentic. More often than not, some people will get an inkling when you’re only showing off and not being true to yourself. When you’re authentic, people can pick this cue and in return are likely to expose their genuine selves too.

Being genuine is helpful, especially when you’re on a date because it’s a way of finding out how compatible you are with the other person. Whether on a date or not, when you come to master how your body language communicates, you are in to leave a stunning impression to every person you meet on a day to day basis.

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