Boost Your Metabolism with Top Workouts

by Dennis K
man doing squats

If you are looking for ways to boost your metabolism, you need to make sure you are doing the top workouts for this purpose. Just about every work out will offer you some benefits but not all of them are going to boost your metabolism. There are so many workouts out there to choose from and you must choose carefully when you are trying to boost your metabolism. There are certain workouts that aren’t mentioned enough but they are the best for boosting metabolism and these are the ones you need to focus on. Even if you are currently doing exercises that boost your metabolism, try the ones here. The best ways to boost metabolism and your strength is to try new exercises. Your body gets stimulated in new ways and that is excellent for you and your body.

Doing Treadmill Pack-Hikes

preview-full-group-exerciseIf you have ever used a treadmill, you know after some bit of time, it will get boring. You can’t just use the treadmill all the time at one steady pace and expect to keep your metabolism up. However, you can use the treadmill in a different way to do this. Have you ever heard of treadmill pack-hikes? It is quite simple mentally but it is a bit more difficult otherwise. You will be doing this work out at the maximum incline. You will wear a sandbag or a backpack with weights in it on your back. You should have about 50 pounds that you are carrying. Then you will turn on the treadmill and walk as fast and as hard as you are able to do at the maximum incline. Do this for twenty to thirty minutes. This will be more difficult than you expected but keep going.

Doing Neuro Sets

preview-full-MensPushUps-e1385329540188Doing neuro sets is going to help you boost your metabolism big time. You start with something known as a grind. This is when you are slowly doing a set. If you are doing leg training, you will go very slow with your lunges. After you have done twenty reps, you will immediately go into an explosion set. This is where you do another twenty reps as hard and as fast as you can. Just make sure you are keeping the correct form when doing this type of set. You will then finish out the set with a hold. This lets your muscles and body recover. The best hold to do is with a lunge. Do a lunge and then hold it for thirty seconds.

Doing a Body-Weight Ladder

Body-weight ladder work outs are used in some exercise and fitness programs. You think upfront that it will be a short exercise because each exercise is in a smaller number of reps but it works your body and boosts your metabolism in the end. You will do the following:

  • Five Jumping Jacks
  • Five Push-Ups
  • Five Body-Weight Squats
  • Ten Jumping Jacks
  • Ten Push-Ups
  • Ten Body-Weight Squats

After the reps of ten, you will keep increasing the reps by five every time. You should push yourself to get to 50 reps of every exercise mentioned here. You may not be able to accomplish this the first time you do it but eventually with practice and consistency you will get there.

Doing Swimming Exercises

Just swimming regularly could boost your metabolism. However, if you are a great swimmer and you have a swimming buddy, you may want to try out hypoxic swimming. You do this by staring at the bottom of the pool while doing laps from one side to the other. You can also get to the bottom of the water and jump up from a squat as hard as you can. You should do this about fifteen times. To finish this off, you should swim as far around the pool as you can underwater while you hold your breath. You should only do this in sets of three.

While you may not hear about these work outs too often, they are excellent for boosting your metabolism. If you haven’t tried them, go ahead and add them into your workout plan. You will be amazed at what they do for you.

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