Cardio Workouts for the Working Man

by Steel Jones

Cardio exercises are referred to as exercises that speed up the rate of your heartbeat. It can include running, HIIT exercises, walking, and even cycling. The fore-mentioned exercises are popular types of cardio exercises. There are still other cardio exercises which are not yet entirely known to us. These exercises are likewise fun and useful.

Best Cardio Workouts

There are varieties of cardio exercises which are efficient for men. These exercises have their benefits and effects. Overall, they help in the proper functioning of the body. These exercises include:

RunnCardio Workouts for the Working Maning

This is a well-known exercise that increases your heartbeat rate and burns excess fat simultaneously. You must perform this exercise at a fast pace for about five minutes and a slow pace for about ten minutes to get the best results.

Battle ropes

This is also a trendy exercise known to be very useful when it comes to the burning of fat. They have significant effects on your arms, most notably your biceps if done properly. If done correctly, an average man ought to burn ten calories every minute of performing this exercise.

Jumping rope

This is a very effective workout that burns about ten calories per minute. This only occurs when you over about a hundred skip in a minute. It is beneficial when it comes to developing the whole body and increasing your heartbeat rate. This exercise entails that you use your muscles effectively to get the best results.


This exercise is superb when it comes to boosting your metabolism rate. It increases your heartbeat fast and burns fat just as quickly. An average man performs at least ten burpees in a minute and burns fourteen calories. This exercise is one of the most recommended activities for men.


This is one of the best exercises for individuals who wish to burn excess fat and gain muscle mass as well. One of the best types of sprinting drills for men is known as the stair sprint.

Mountain climber

This is a superb workout which affects your shoulders, abdomen, and even your triceps. It is essential that while engaging in this exercise, your gut is tightened. Maintain this position for a while before releasing it from this position.

Jump squats

This exercise is known to perform on your calves and quads. It stunningly develops your legs. Your feet must be kept in a parallel position to the ground to get one of the best results. Maintain a minimal pause while raising your body off the field as much as you can while rowing your hands. Maintain your energy level before engaging in another set of jump squats.

Jumping jacks

This is a fantastic warm-up exercise that aids in boosting your heart rate because all your body is in a movement. This is also an excellent exercise for men which aids in building their muscles. Maintain a straight position while your side places your hands. After this, lift your hands overhead while your feet are spread out. You can perform this exercise for as long as you can to get the best results.

Box step-ups

This exercise is perfect for your quads, glutes, and even your hamstring while burning fat around your whole body. Begin by placing your body at the front of a box while your feet are wide apart. Place your foot on the plate after this; you put your right leg on the table. After doing this, you return to your original position.

Agility ladder

Lots of calories would be burn when you engage in the agility ladder exercise. It also improves your balance, coordination, and even speed. Place the ladder on the floor while running through it at a high rate.


Engaging in swimming laps is a superb form of cardio workout. Not only does it improve your heart functioning, but it also burns excess fat immensely. You must engage in this exercise for at least ten minutes to achieve maximum effect.

CyclingCardio Workouts for the Working Man

This is a popular type of cardio workout that has numerous benefits. It aids in burning excess fat in the body. It also helps when it comes to the proper functioning of the body. It builds the muscles of the leg and back. You must perform this activity for at least an hour to get the best results. Perform this workout for about seven to eight times every day.


This is a well-known exercise that affects every part of your body; it works on your glutes, hamstring, quads, and even your biceps. HIIT exercises are known to very intensive and tend to push your body to its limit. By doing this, your body is worked out and receives the essential benefits of the HIIT exercise.

Why are cardio exercises important?

It is a well-known fact that engaging in cardio exercises would help maintain a fit and healthy body. Perform cardio workouts for at least seventy-five minutes to achieve the best results, or either one-fifty minutes of regular aerobic workouts every week. Types of regular exercises include swimming, jogging, cycling, and even brisk walking. Performing tasks which can heighten the rate of your heartbeat is also a form of cardio workout for both male and female. Most times, it is not needed that you perform these routines for an extended period. You can engage in these exercises for ten minutes a day and get the best results. Types of intensive workouts include running and or even cycling at a high rate. Engaging in these workouts tend to add various health advantages we might not even notice. These advantages include:

Lowered blood pressure rate

Individuals who tend to develop high blood pressure rate need to engage in cardio workouts to lessen the condition. Research has shown that most men suffering from high blood pressure tend to get relieved when they engage in cardio exercises. The results given by these routines in the health of individuals who have high blood pressure are similar to the results provided by medications.

Regulation of blood sugar rate

Engaging in activities such as cardio workouts tend to assist in the regulation of the level of blood insulin in individuals, most persons with diabetes.

Reduction in severe pain

Cardio workouts which are not too intensive like swimming aids in strengthening your muscles and increasing your body strength and endurance.

Helps in sleeping functioning

Research has shown that individuals who have issues with sleeping tend to get better sleep after engaging in cardio workouts. Cardio exercises are known to relieve stress and aid in getting better and good-quality sleep.

Regulation of weight mass

Cardio exercises are well-known when it comes to the regulation and maintenance of weight. Engaging in cardio routines is sure to keep off unwanted and excess weight.

Aid in overweight individuals

Cardio exercises have been shown to aid immensely in the reduction of weight in overweight individuals over the past years. Cutting down on your calorie intake and engaging in cardio workouts is a known way to burn fat immensely.

Strengthening your immune system

Cardio exercises are known to be very useful when it comes to the strengthening of the immune system. Research has shown that individuals who have a weak immune system tend to improve after a few months of performing cardio workouts. Engaging in cardio workouts tend to heighten the number of antibodies in our system, thereby leading to a robust immune system.

Improvement on your brain

Cardio workouts are beneficial to your brain because they tend to reduce the rate at which your brain tissues fade. You must engage in regular exercises every week to strengthen your brainpower.

The benefit of workout clothing

We have seen the various benefits which workouts aid in our body, but it is important to note that your workout clothing also adds immense benefits to your workout performance. To begin with, you need to possess confidence while working out, and putting on the right working out gear can boost your confidence from fifty to a hundred. Again, the types of workout clothes you wear have significant importance to how well you can work out. You must wear clothes which allow you to move well and suits your taste. Also, you must have some piece of clothing that can be worn on your head while running or even a long-sleeve to prevent some specific types of injuries from occurring.

How to choose the perfect working clothes

While picking out the perfect workout clothing, look for clothes that are durable and comfortable to wear. It is essential that these clothes are free, healthy, and do not prevent you from moving quickly. Make sure that these clothes are not smaller than your actual size.


Cardio workouts are essential when it comes to burning excess weight in an individual. These workout routines enable you to remain healthy and fit. There are various types of workout exercises that are very useful, like running, cycling, jumping jacks, swimming, and even jump squats. You must pick out the right gear for exercising before engaging in cardio workouts. Make sure that your clothes are durable and comfortable to wear.


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