What Are Colorful Foods Going to Do for You?

by Dennis K
fresh colorful vegetables

Throughout the course of your life, you may have been told by your parents or doctors or others that you need to eat your greens. However, proper nutrition goes further than just eating your greens. You should make sure you are eating more colorful foods as well. There are many benefits you will get by adding more colorful foods to your diet. If you continue reading here today, you will see just what benefits you will be up for when you eat more colorful foods.

White Foods

preview-full-vegetables-against-cancerYou will benefit greatly from eating more white foods. If you don’t eat them now, you should add them to your diet. Some of the main foods that you would see and eat that are white include cauliflower, parsnips, cabbage, onions and much more. These are all beneficial to your health and nutrition in at least one way or more than that. Make sure you add at least one of these foods or another type of white food to your diet daily.

Green Foods

Of course, near the top of your list of eating right, you should make sure to get in your green foods. There are too many of these too list but some of them you will find include asparagus, broccoli, peas, green peppers, celery and more. You can benefit your health in many ways including boosting energy levels, having more focus, improving eye health, improving heart health and so much more. There are many green colorful foods that you can find that are green.

Red Foods

You should also eat more red foods. When eating more red foods, you will have various health benefits that you might not have even expected. These foods would include cherries, pomegranates and some others too. You may not like cherries. However, even if you don’t you should try to eat them at least twice a week. Even if you eat only two or three cherries a few times a week, you will benefit from eating them.

Yellow Foods

Now that you have somewhat of an idea of how you should be eating more colorful foods, you should know that you also need to eat more yellow foods. Some of the yellow foods that you should be eating are lemons, bananas, pineapple and more. This is just a short list and there are others too. Eating yellow foods will improve your brain functioning, memory, reduction of muscle spasms and offer you many other health benefits too.

Orange Foods

You also need to be adding more orange foods to your diet. Some of these will include oranges, grapefruit, apricots, nectarines and more. Making sure that you get enough of these foods will help you to have a better nutritional and healthy diet. The next time you go shopping be sure you get enough orange foods to snack on.

Purple Foods

fresh colorful vegetablesLast but not least, you should be adding more purple foods to your diet as well. Some of the different purple foods that are great for you and your health include eggplant, purple cabbage, grapes, plums and others. Purple foods will improve your overall health, heart health, strength and so much more.

You now know what colorful foods you need to add into your diet. Keep these in mind when you take your next trip to the store for healthy and nutritional foods. You can live a nutritional lifestyle by eating colorful foods on a regular basis.

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