Common Mistakes Beginners Make at the Gym and How to Avoid Them

by Danny Fernsby

Leading a healthier lifestyle is ideal for everyone. It provides a wide range of health benefits. However, getting started can be the hardest part. The willpower is not always the only problem getting in the way of beginners trying to adopt a better lifestyle.

Often times, beginners make mistakes that they don’t see or think as the proper way to get the better results. All hope is not lost, though, there are plenty of ways to stop making them and get the best results possible.

Resting for too long

There are many distractions out there, especially at the gym. There’s an overwhelming amount of machines that intimidate people. Other people are walking around, talking, and making all type of noises. Also, there’s the phone that tempts people to document everything and to answer calls or texts.

Nevertheless, it is critical to keep resting periods under wrap. A good workout needs a strict work-rest ratio. Taking too many or too long rests can mess up with the results.

Fix it:

It’s an easy mistake to fix. Use a timer to track resting and work out periods. It’s ideal to keep the rest periods under two minutes between each sets.

Doing Six Day “Split” Routines

Common Mistakes Beginners Make at the Gym and How to Avoid ThemThe Six Day “Split” routine is an old school workout routine mainly used by bodybuilders. It involves working on a different part of the body for six days. For example, arms Monday, chest Tuesday, legs Wednesday, abs Thursday, calves Friday, and back Saturday.

This may be the wrong workout for people who are not bodybuilders. Bodybuilders are more apt to handle that type of workout because they’re on steroids so they can handle more work. Also, their bodies are used to a much higher level of training that needs separate days for each body part.

Fix it:

Mix up the workout. The average person does not need a separate to work out each particular body part. Back and legs can be trained on the same day while chest and arms go together. For better results, each body parts should be worked out at least twice a week.

Not warming up properly or at All

People get in the gym and hurry to get out. Often times, they may skip or rush the warming up period. It may sound like a good idea to save time but, it is the quickest way to ensure injuries. Warming up is an important part of a good work. It gets the blood pumping and help cue up good form before the heavy exercises.

Fix it:

Plan and stick to a warm up that fires up all the joints. Even if time is limited, try doing a short but good warm up. Also, if time is an issue, it can be taken out from the rest periods and sets.

Ignoring Proper Exercise Form

It’s always good to have a trainer or have someone who knows how to work out properly help out when first starting workout. A trainer can help set and maintain the proper technique for each set. The form can make or break the results.

It’s important to always keep good form and not get in the set of mind of cheating through the workout. If not done properly, certain exercises can lead to injuries. They also may never give the expected results.

Fix it:

Get in the proper form for each sets. It is the best way to stay in the set of mind that the workout cannot be done without the proper technique. It may help to get a trainer for at least the first session to learn and understand each technique necessary.

Ignoring Mobility

Common Mistakes Beginners Make at the Gym and How to Avoid ThemThere’s a difference between static stretching and dynamic stretching as warm ups. Static stretching involves elongating a muscle and holding for thirty seconds. It helps to relieve tension and make the muscles more pliable. It prevents pulls and strains.

Dynamic stretching involves movement-based stretches like jogging, jumping ropes, and shuttle runs. It helps get the blood flowing and putting them on their maximum range of motion. It gets the body ready for intense exercises while static stretching can hinder strength and performance at times.

Fix it:

It’s best to use static stretches as a way to cool down after the workout. Dynamic stretches is the ideal one to boost blood circulation and increase power and strength. Neither is better than the other but, they each have their functions and should be used accordingly.

Not Tracking Anything

The secret to success is to know the goal and plan on how to get to that goal. The plan only works if the person checks it often enough to know that they’re progressing the way they’re supposed to. If there’s no tracking, it’s impossible to tell what progress was made and how it falls into the plan.

Fix it:

Record everything including the type of exercise, number of repetitions and sets, and how much weight was used. It also helps to record body weight and body fat percentage periodically. Tracking helps to adjust the work outs.

Not every exercises work for everyone the same way. It is important to know what works and what doesn’t. As the plan progress, adjustments can be made to gain the best results.

Overwhelming yourself

Every year, many people have those larger than life goals they want to accomplish. Often times, one of them is to lead a healthier lifestyle and start going to the gym. This plan can work if it’s set realistically from the beginning.

It’s a lot of pressure to expect to wake up every morning for a run and go to the gym at least five times a week. People who are currently living that lifestyle did not start out with such high expectations. It’s the little steps that count.

Putting so much on one’s self can lead to failure. It’s a drastic change that will take patience to show results. People often give up after failing to see results in a limited amount of times.

Fix it:

Set small and realistic goals. It helps to build confidence by reaching the little goals like taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Progress happens little by little so break the massive goal into little one until it is reached.

Everybody makes mistakes and learn from them. The key to becoming better is to take advice from the professionals. When it comes to the gym, both proper habits and patience are needed to achieve the set goals.

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