The Complete Men’s Guide to Experimenting with Rough Sex

by Dennis K
sexy woman wearing belts and straps

preview-full-sex-in-kitchenIf you are looking to spice things up in the bedroom and you and your partner are considering experimenting with rough sex, then you need to know one or two things beforehand. Rough sex can be exciting, the element of danger adding a little edge to your usual performance, however, it is important that you both know where you stand and are wanting the same thing in the bedroom. Otherwise, it can easily get out of hand with either you or your partner feeling uncomfortable or one of you getting hurt. If you want a little extra in the bedroom to REALLY spice things up, you could use one of these from a list of the 3 best male enhancement pills on the market right now.

Follow this easy guide to get a headstart on a few tips and tricks to make sure your bondage leads to bonding rather than falling apart at the seams.

Have a safe word

You need to make sure you each know when the other has had enough. This may seem obvious, because; ‘stop’ might feel like the most blatant thing to say. However, if you are fully immersed in some kind of kinky role play, you may not be sure if your partner is egging you on or turning you away. Try to make your code word something completely outside of the sex world you are creating. Even make it something that completely turns you off, as it will immediately draw your attention.

Watch your mouth

If you have decided on a roleplay situation, try and stick to that. If not, anything can be fair game, but just remember what turns you on, may really turn her off. If you are going to talk dirty, start light, asking her what she likes and how she wants it. Steer clear of dirty insults, they’re just tacky. Equally steer clear of ‘daddy’, she most likely finds that weird. Instead, try building from what you are doing in each moment.

Know the art of spanking

Spanking is not about just clapping her on the butt and hearing her scream. This can hurt, leaving marks and even bruises that can be undesired. Insterad, you want spanking to lead to further excitement. When you spank her, take a flat but soft palom, and gently spank her on the fleshy part of the underside of her bum, close to her vagina. This is easy to do when she is on top of you or in doggy style. This action will make her butt jiggle, which sends vibrations straight to the clitoris, sending waves of pleasure through her. Start gently, and apply more pressure if she asks for more.


Again, biting shouldn’t be something you do hard to leave a mark, but more something that stimulates the nerve endings. Knowing where to bit is most important. Start with gentle nibbling on her lips and her ears. There are a lot of sensitive nerve endings in these areas that send messages to the brain that pleasure is on its way. Also try biting her neck, but not too hard, and also the inner parts of her thighs.

Hair pulling

Young woman in police uniform holding belt in front of young man lying on couchHair pulling is an extremely sensual act and it works for both men and women. Like a head massage, hair pulling can send shivers all the way down your spine. Never pull her hair at the ends, this will only hurt. Pull her hair close to the scalp, sticking to the base of the neck or the crown of the head.


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