Do You Have a Dad Bod? How to Get Rid of It Starting Today!

by Dennis K
dad bod evolution

mj-618_348_what-having-kids-does-to-your-body-copyWhen you look at your own bod, do you have a dad bod? While parenting can be great, the dad bod is not so wonderful. If you have a dad bod, you may not be so attractive. You can forget what you have read about women loving that look because they don’t. Men-breasts just are not attractive. Now that you know this is time for you to start getting rid of your dad bod today!

Losing Weight

The first thing you need to do when trying to get rid of your dad bod is to start losing weight. You will need to focus on your eating habits along with higher intensity workouts. There are so many exercises you can do that will help you in losing weight. You should make sure you do a warmup every time to loosen up your muscles. You may not have known this but the warmup will help your body to start losing weight. You should warmup for about 10 minutes every time. You should make sure you are doing about 5 challenging exercise routines every week. On your two off-days, you should still do some smaller and shorter higher intensity workouts.

Quit Eating Processed Foods

man with glasses flexing his armsProcessed foods are crap that is straight up the truth. You may have already known this but white pasta, white flour and white breads are processed and they are not good for you. When you haven’t been exercising, the carbs just mentioned just keep stored fat in your body. This puts you on the quickest path to diabetes. You may have heard that you have to work to get abs and being a parent is not the type of work you need to do. Abs are not grown from picking up children. You need to quit with the processed foods and eat healthier vegetables and other healthy foods instead. You may not consider it in the same aspect but you should also quit drinking so much alcohol. That is only going to keep on that dad bod. Beer actually promotes estrogen which leads to your man-boobs. That is not what you want to happen.

Quit Eating Foods That Have Phytoestrogens

There are phytoestrogens which are natural estrogens. These are found in certain foods and they cause effects similar to estrogen in the body. They will start binding to the estrogen receptors. When you have too much estrogen in your body, you will gain weight and those man-boobs. You could also have a higher risk of prostate cancer as well. You will need to start limiting foods such as soy products, conventionally created vegetables and fruits, inorganic meat products, dairy products and alcohol.

Now that you know more about how you can get rid of your dad bod, you can get started right away. Sometimes it is easy to let your body go, especially when you are a parent. If you are ready to make changes to your body and get rid of your dad bod, there are many things you can do. Start by making the changes above and you will start to see that muscle that has been hiding.

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