Delaying Sex May Result in More Enjoyable Sex Than You Think

by Danny Fernsby
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Scientific research has shown that, for most of the average men, it takes 3-10 minutes to come to an orgasm. You may be out there, and maybe you are not enjoying the time your man is spending in bed. You may be even wondering why your partner is having an orgasm at an early stage while you just need more of it. This is just the reason why we are talking about delayed sex. Delayed sex is a pleasure not only to a man but even to the woman. It makes sex more pleasurable and enjoyable.

Delayed Sex Is Pleasurable

According to a journal by sexual medicine, there is the best time that sex should last. Medical practitioners from this institute clearly elaborated on this area by claiming that, sex that lasts for 1-2 minutes is too short. On the other hand, sex that lasted for 3-7 minutes was adequate while sex that lasted for 7-13 minutes was desirable. This clearly showed that it is very important for a man to delay for some minutes in order to make sex desirable.

Although most people sex as just penetration, sex is more than just sexual intercourse. Therefore, Ian Kerner, a family therapist and a Ph.D. holder in the area of family and sex matters advice that, much thought should be put while a couple is dealing with sexual matters. However, if more time has not been given to sex, then you might run into problems. This is because your partner wants sex to be last longer in order to be fully satisfied.

enjoying a good foreplayOn the other hand, according to another research by the journal of sex research, it was discovered that most people had 10-13 minutes of foreplay, and then 7-8 minutes of sex. This was found to be a very good improvement, especially for men. However, out of the participants interviewed, a big number of them preferred to have more sex time than that.

Basically, according to Kerner, couples are not in the same mood each and every time when having sexual intimacy or intercourse for that matter. This is due to the fact that sometimes you may want to have a quick sexual encounter while some of the time you want to have delayed sex. Both encounters may be pleasurable since it all depends on the goal of both of you while having sex.

Basically, the kind or type of sex that you plan to have beforehand affects the length of sex. “This is a key determining factor when it comes to the pleasure obtained from sex,” advices Kerner.  This is due to the fact that it becomes frustrating when dealing with something like a partner having premature ejaculation and thereby denying you all the pleasure you needed during sex. Since women take more time to orgasm as compared to men, it is therefore imperative for each and every man to ‘up his game’ and have more time in bed.

According to Kerner, a family therapist and a sexologist, it always advisable for couples to engage in foreplay for a long period of time before engaging in outercourse. This is due to the fact that delayed foreplay creates a very good time for you to become fully aroused and therefore attain a higher level of orgasm. Basically, strong orgasms are more pleasurable and lead to higher sexual satisfaction. If couples do not get time to engage in delayed foreplay, their sexual experience will be much less pleasurable and will lead to weak orgasms and lower sexual satisfaction.

Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

  1. Consider medication

There is a myriad of drugs that you can use in order to treat premature ejaculation and ensure that you achieve the optimum sexual pleasure by delaying your sexual encounters. Medically prescribed drugs that can help you out include Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. All these drugs are a safe haven for anyone who has a problem when it comes to sexual encounters. Basically, the drugs are the first-line treatment for erectile dysfunction and are very effective in helping you out with gaining optimum sexual encounters.

  1. You Should Watch Your Waistline

shocked with his belly fatThere are certain conditions/diseases that can cause erectile dysfunction and thereby poor sexual experiences for you and your partner. They include high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. All these are conditions that hinder a proper erection and may lead to trouble with your erection.

As medical practitioner advice, avoiding high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels can really help in enhancing your erections. Another condition that is highly associated with high cholesterol is heart diseases. Basically, they make you have poor erections during sex and can in no way help you to achieve delayed sex.

  1. Talk to Your Partner and Seek Counseling

You should consider talking to your partner especially if you have mismatched sex drives.  Basically, women tend to seek intimacy during sex while men concentrate on physical activity. As a medical practitioner on sex issues advised, this might be a common problem that may lead to a lack of pleasure during sex. Therefore, couples should take the time to talk to each other about the situation at hand and come up with a solution.

On the other hand, seeking advice from experienced medical personnel may be of great help. Basically, issues of sexual disability such as erectile dysfunction and low libido are sensitive due to their high emotional element.  In this case, therefore, psychological is very helpful because it gives you the correct solution to your problems.


We have therefore found out that, delayed sex is more pleasurable to couples who want to achieve sexual intimacy. However, sex that takes around 15-30 minutes is termed as too long and may be a sign of certain sexual problems. Since sexual activity is a very sensitive issue especially for married couples, advice should be sought from an experienced sexologist.

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