Detoxing Herbs That Are Great for You

by Dennis K

If you want to take a look at your health and how you are doing, consider whether your body is filled with toxins. If you are eating foods that are doused with harmful chemicals or pesticides, your body may be filled with toxins. If you are using products on your body that are man-made, you may be putting harmful chemicals onto your skin and those go into your system. There are many factors that could be leading you to have dangerous toxins in your body. If this is happening for you, you need to use detoxing herbs to fix it. These are herbs that are going to detox your body and system from harmful chemicals and toxins. Some of the best options are stinging nettle, dandelion, burdock and milk thistle but there are others too. During the winter, many people are eating things they shouldn’t and causing their system to get thrown off track. If you need natural detoxing, detoxing herbs are the way to go.

Herbal Tea

preview-full-herbs_line_730_290You should start by making herbal tea. You make this from dried-out herbs. You can also get some herbs in powder, liquid or capsule form as well. You should pick herbs that haven’t received treatments that involved herbicides. If you are growing herbs on your own, be sure you know what they are because some of them you shouldn’t grow in the wild. For the parts of the herbs that you may consume, be sure they are dried and crushed first.



preview-full-detox-herbsYou can also use cranberry for detoxing and cleansing your body. This may not be a herb but it is helpful in the detoxing process. Many people use this for treating urinary tract infections. It is also helpful in preventing infections in the first place when used regular. All-natural cranberry juice can be drank daily to relieve these issues.


You can and should be using dandelion if you need to detox your body. Many people think this is only a weed but it is much more potent than that. It is great for detoxifying the liver and the digestive system. In addition, it can be used as a laxative or for treating urinary tract issues as well.

Stinging Nettle

Another one of the herbs you can use is stinging nettle. This is known for its stinging properties. It is a great detoxifier and it is excellent for relieving urinary tract issues. It is also great for easing seasonal allergies too. If you suffer from eczema, this is another beneficial herb to use.

Milk Thistle

You can also use milk thistle to detox your body. This is something that is known to detox the liver. It is commonly used in patients who have alcoholic liver disease. It has been known that parts of the milk thistle will stop the toxins in the body from binding to the cells in your liver. This means a blocking of the toxins so they don’t overload your liver.


You can also use burdock to detox your body. This is often used to detox the blood, kidneys, mucous membranes, urine and the skin. It serves many purposes and has anti-oxidants which help to fight against some diseases as well.

As you can tell, there are many herbs that can be used if you want to or need to detox your body. There are many benefits of the above-mentioned herbs. If you are using products that might be adding chemicals or toxins to your body, you need to use these detoxing herbs. If you are eating foods that may be adding toxins into your body, you need to use these herbs as well. You can stock up on them so you can use them regularly or so you can at least use them when you need them.

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