Does ProArgi9+Work?

by Dennis K
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About ProArgi9+

ProArgi9+ is a nutritional product that focuses on enhancing your body’s blood circulation, giving you health advantages when it comes to your blood pressure, energy and cholesterol levels, sexual health, and many other gains. It is claimed to be the ultimate solution to combat heart problems and has been even dubbed as “the breakthrough product of the century” by Success magazine.

Basically, ProArgi9+ is not a muscle growth product but rather a nutritional supplement intended for those individuals who want to have a boosted blood flow to enjoy the positive effects it can have for the body and overall health. This particular supplement can be bought from the Synergy Worldwide official site. One container of ProArgi9+ has 30 servings and has a price of $70. You can be given a discount if you make several orders.

About its Company

The product’s formulation is developed by Dr. Joseph Prendergast. He’s the one who made the discovery that he had heart disease and arteries that resembled that of an 80-year-old man when he was only 37. Because his father had also similar diagnosis and died when he was in his 50s, Prendergast made a decision to do something about it, hence, the development of ProArgi9+. With the help of this supplement, he was able to undo the state of his health with normal functioning arteries like that of an adolescent. Since then, he’s helped more than 7,200 people suffering from heart disease to undo their conditions by increasing their blood flow through the widening of their arteries.

Product Assertions

ProArgi9+ doesn’t make assertions since there is clinical evidence to support it. A clinical test was performed in 2009 by High Desert Heart Institute (HDHI) and demonstrated solid outcomes substantiating that ProArgi9+ is effective.

Understanding Its Functions

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This supplement is in powder form with its primary function being to increase one’s blood flow. The main component here is L-Arginine, which is an amino acid that delivers nitric oxide (NO). With this amino acid, it’ll give you the muscle pumps and help you improve your blood flow.

NO is secreted in the body in its gas form, which means it can’t stay in its established form for too long. With more NO in the body, your heart health is much more secured since there’s better blood circulation, improved blood pressure and thickness of blood.

Main Components

As previously stated, ProArgi9+ has L-Arginine (5 grams) as its active component. This component functions as the precursor to Nitric Oxide, which also helps with the increase of human growth hormone. Other ingredients in ProArgi9+ are L-Citrulline, a precursor to L-Arginine; Resveratrol, an anti-oxidant that helps increase metabolism; Vitamin D3 that improves the absorption and assimilation of calcium, as well as enhance cardiovascular capacities; and Folic Acid, Vitamin B6, and B12, which collaborate to reduce levels of homocysteine through natural means.

Moreover, there’s also the presence of Pomegranate, which has excellent antioxidants such as punicalagins and ellagic acid and Ribose, which is a natural sugar that increases the recuperation of energy components in the heart cells.

Product Features

doctor taking patient's blood pressure

ProArgi9+ contains natural components, which makes it safe for consumption.

It’s developed to concentrate on making the cardiovascular health totally normal.

It has multiple sugar-free flavors.

ProArgi9+ has anti-aging qualities thanks to the antioxidants in its formula.

It helps strengthen your immunity.

ProArgi9+ being made of natural ingredients don’t have adverse reactions.

The supplement doesn’t have any possible interactions with prescriptions.

Proper Use and Instructions

Use one scoop of ProArgi9+ and combine with water. Drink it 1-2 times per day.

Visibility of Results

The results are said to be instant and the outcome relies on your objective of using the supplement since you can use it for boosting your heart health, increasing muscle gains, improving your immune system, and others.

ProArgi9+ Consumers

Those who want to augment their sports functions

Those who want to lose weight

Those who want to strengthen their immunity

Those who have heart problems

Those who want to improve their overall health and fitness

What Users Have to Say

Most of the customer feedbacks on ProArgi9+ are positive. Many users are happy with the result of this supplement that they’re repeat buyers. Most of the compliments cite effectiveness in reducing blood pressure, boosting energy levels, and improving quality of sleep, thanks to increased nitric oxide in the body. Customers also like the three flavorings of ProArgi9+.

The Takeaway

ProArgi9+ really is efficient in improving your general fitness and health. The outcomes delivered are worthy of every penny you’ve spent for it. It is a distinctive nutritional supplement that gives a massive boost for your heart health, helping you enjoy a longer, healthier life.

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