Estrogen for Male: The Effects of Changes in the Sex Hormone

by Steel Jones
man in his 40's

Did you know that estrogen also functions in males? It is often a misconception that estrogen is only for women and testosterone works on men. Amazingly, there are certain functions of estrogen in males.


Estrogen is linked to women because of the fact that they are produced in groups via the ovaries. Estrogen is more dominant in females that they are actually the ones that determine if the fetus will become a female or male. Males also produce tiny amounts of estrogen through their testes. Estrogen functions as a contributor to the development of male reproductive organs.


When it comes to physical activity such as sex and erectile function, androgens are the main players in males. But when you talk about sexual desire or erectile dysfunction, it is attributed to high levels of estrogen in men.


In males, levels of testosterone and estrogen hormones need to be balanced to maintain a regular sexual function. Specifically, estradiol is the type of estrogen that is vital to men’s sexuality. Estrogen functions to maintain normal balance with testosterone to manage one’s sexual drive, erectile ability, and sperm production.


The vital function of estrogen or estradiol in men is to modulate libido. Too much estrogen in the male body is directly associated with having erectile dysfunction. Spermatogenesis is also possible with the aid of a properly functioning estrogen in males. Estrogen receptors and aromatase (the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen) are abundant in the brain, penis, and testis. These are the organs that are essential for sexual function.


Although (estrogen) sexual hormones affect man’s ability to engage in sexual activity, they do not directly regulate the ability to perform intercourse. Estrogen is merely one factor that affects a person’s motivation to conduct such acts.


happy manTestosterone normally decreases while estrogen increases as men age. While this is a typical change, you must take precautionary action when your estrogen levels become excessively high. This will become a risk factor for diabetes and cancer.


For men with high levels of estrogen, they will be experiencing the following symptoms:


As one of the hormones responsible for sperm production, having high estrogen levels results in the sluggish generation of sperm. This makes it challenging to establish healthy sperm. Thus, resulting in infertility.

Breast fat tissues develop further than the average with abnormally high estrogen, causing a condition called gynecomastia. This means having a more enlarged breast for men that can greatly affect their perception of themselves.

Estrogen must be maintained in equilibrium with other hormones. A disruption of that balance such as an increase in estrogen and diminished testosterone levels leads to erectile dysfunction (ED) where it is difficult for males to have an erection or maintain an erection.

With too much estrogen, there is slowed growth that leads to a delay in puberty among boys and having short stature.

Immediate epiphyseal closure can happen to adolescents resulting in stunted growth.


Aside from the specific conditions above, here are other sexual changes associated with high estrogen and other hormonal imbalance:

For partners or married couples, there will be more concerns regarding a lesser sexual drive.

Semen becomes less concentrated with sperm for men with issues on abnormal estrogen hormone count.

With lesser drive comes the feeling of exhaustion. This makes the person feel less energetic.

It is normal for men to have a hairy body. If there are abnormalities in his sex hormones, he could be losing hair all throughout his body.

Men are built with a larger physique. With estrogen problems, he can experience a shrinking of muscle mass.

Another reason for concern could be the reduction of penis and testicle growth.

If there are alterations in the function of estrogen in males, they can have a condition called osteoporosis with the loss of bone density.

Having an imbalance of sex hormones can also lead to hot flashes or a sudden hot feeling.

You may also have trouble focusing if you have problems with estrogen and other hormones.

Men having problems with their estrogen levels tend to have difficulty in cholesterol metabolism. For this reason, their physical attributes are affected. Having a loose belly and a decrease in muscle size as you age may be a good indicator that your estrogen levels are starting to rise.


In certain conditions requiring you to take in medications, you may also have an induced estrogen abnormality. Such medications or treatments that can affect estrogen levels are antibiotics, ginkgogynecomastia or man boobs or ginseng herbs, and even phenothiazines.

High estrogen levels can also be passed on via genes with your heredity. And other existing conditions such as obesity, stress, tumors, liver diseases, as well as hormonal imbalances can trigger an elevation of estrogen hormones.

Male adults having high levels of estrogen may be prone to gynecomastia, diabetes, blood clots, stroke, and even breast or prostate cancer. You need to see your doctor immediately once you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above that come with abnormal estrogen levels.

Estrogen can trigger beneficial physiological responses especially when there is a need for management of sexual urges. In cases where there is a deficiency in testosterone, estrogen can function to maintain the sexuality of castrated men, but not all.

With the advancements in technology, we continue to explore the possibilities and the many functions of estrogen in males. Conducting further studies is essential in unlocking the mysteries toward hormone replacement or therapy. Furthermore, there is a need for a better understanding of the basics in order to move forward into a more complex concept on the impact of estrogen on our bodies.

As we understand the essential role that estrogen plays in the sexuality of man, we learn to appreciate how unique and amazing our human body is. Although there is still more to discover about the functions of estrogen in males, we can’t deny the fact that sex hormones have an impact on both male and female anatomies. It’s just a matter of time before we discover other essential functions and uses of estrogen and other sex hormones in our bodies.



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