Foods You Need to End Premature Ejaculation

by Dennis K
woman comforting upset man

Premature ejaculation sucks, let’s face it. Any man who has premature ejaculation is not going to experience as much pleasure and their sex life is going to falter because of this. If you are one of the millions of men who experience premature ejaculation, you want answers. You want to know how you can put an end to it. Find out just what foods can help you to end premature ejaculation once and for all.


foods to end premature ejaculationBananas may not seem like the sexy treat of the night. However, if you want to end premature ejaculation bananas are the way to go. In bananas, bromelain is a very powerful enzyme. It majorly boosts your libido levels and ends prevents any premature ejaculation too. They also have a lot of B6 vitamins which balance and boost testosterone levels. Eat bananas daily to reduce your risk of premature ejaculation.


Most men know that folic acid and folate are beneficial to women’s health but they benefit men’s health too. Studies have shown that male sexual dysfunction can be decreased and even eliminated by taking in more folic acid. Make sure this is something you are doing daily.


Eggs are another one of the superfoods that will help to end premature ejaculation. They have many nutrients and a lot of protein. These can help boost reproductive health, end premature ejaculation and increase self-confidence too.

Thiamine Filled Foods

beauty-nutrition-your-beauty-tip-of-the-day-vitamin-b1-or-thiamineIn addition to the above-mentioned foods, thiamine filled foods are another great option if you want to stop and prevent premature ejaculation. Some examples of these foods are oats, oranges and cereal. It is best to eat these foods in the morning or about an hour before you are going to bed.


Carrots are also beneficial in preventing premature ejaculation. They are filled with Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin A and Vitamin B7. They also have Vitamin B3. These vitamins in proper combination will support and improve reproductive health. They also boost blood flow leading to more erections and keep the blood flowing longer which prevents premature ejaculation.


Mushrooms are another great way to get rid of premature ejaculation. They are many nutrients that support reproductive health. They also have choline, Vitamin D and zinc as well. These are all great for boosting testosterone and muscle strength.

You now know how to prevent and end premature ejaculation. If you make sure you are eating these foods daily or at least multiple times per week, you will be able to have a healthier sex life. You can get rid of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido levels. Don’t go without these foods. Make sure you have them in your home always. Need some more boost, take Blue Lightning supplements daily too.

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