Fuel Up Without the Workout

by Dennis K
woman running up the stairs at work

Have you thought of enrolling in a gym class or any other class for workout, but just can’t seem to do it for multiple reasons, primarily because you don’t have the time? Unfortunately, we’re loaded with so many things to do from work, to family, to social responsibilities that all we want to do during our free time is sleep.

On the other hand, the need to increase our physical mobility through exercising bugs us like no other. You know you lack the energy and it makes you so tired every day; and you know it’s because you don’t exercise, but you don’t do anything about it. You just go through life thinking there’s something to be done, but don’t do it anyway, so you end up being stressed about it.

Working out is not just for weight loss, it’s also for increasing our energy and endurance. Would it not annoy you if you got your dream vacation in an exotic destination in Southeast Asia, but was not able to fully enjoy it because you couldn’t last the day without panting and looking for something to sit on?

Luckily, you don’t need to go to the gym to fuel up. You can do so even when you’re at home doing your chores or in the office working. Just spice up your mundane routines a little bit, and voilà, you’re already doing mini exercises.

man lifting moving boxesMake your daily duties more physically engaging

Household chores and other activities you’re obliged to do at home don’t need to be boring. Play a catchy tune while doing them, have fun with your moves and do some sudden bursts. This can be done with anything when you’re at home, from vacuuming to doing the dishes.

Take the Stairs

Taking the stairs instead of using the elevator is beneficial for your health. This is because you use your body weight against gravity, which boosts your lower body strength. Even if there aren’t stairs, you can use the curb on the street to step up and down. You can do this while talking to the phone outside, or waiting for the bus. Through these simple ways, you get through something basic and mundane while giving your body the physical lift it needs to be stronger.

Carrying Stuff

Yep, even as simple as carrying and loading your groceries is a huge deal for your body. It would be much better if you lift things with your two hands. You would be surprised that the things and activities you consider a hassle is actually doing good than harm.

man working on laptop while on stability ballSitting on a Ball

Instead of sitting on the chair for several hours, use a huge exercise or yoga ball as an alternative. By doing this, your core muscles will get their groove. What better way to work than by doing sitting at your desk while exercising as well?

Walking Your Way to Fitness

If you’re outside, give yourself the reason to walk more. Don’t opt for the nearest parking spot or the closest convenience store. It may seem troublesome since we all like to finish everything hurriedly, but think about how your body needs more movements.

Find Ways to Move

Though it is sometimes comforting not to move a muscle when you’re tired, remember that you’re exhausted in the first place because your body is not strong enough to handle your physical exertions. Make a change by being mobile most of the time. Even you’re waiting for the machine to scan or talking someone on the telephone, don’t be idle. Take the time to do some mini stretches. Use your hands and your legs and work them as productively as possible.

When you’re feeling lazy or not in the mood to do all these, remember of the long-term results that you’ll miss. You don’t need to do everything at once, especially if you’re already complacent with your routines. Baby steps, until you have trained your mind to like the mini activities that spice up your daily tasks. Life is so much better when you have the energy and the stamina to enjoy it.

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