Get Outdoors if You Want to Better Your Health

by Dennis K

If you are hoping to improve your health, you may know already that there are many ways you can do this. You can increase the amount of protein you eat, go on a diet and much more. You can also get outdoors if you want to have better health. There are too many people who are stuck in front of electronics every day and that does them no favors when it comes to their health. If you want to make sure your health isn’t deteriorating due to sitting inside too much, there are many reasons you should be getting outdoors.

Vitamin D

vitamin-d-sunlight1You may already know that your Vitamin D levels play a huge role in your health. When you get outdoors and out in the sun, your body is going to make Vitamin D. You only need to be outside and expose your skin to the sun for ¼ of an hour in order to get enough Vitamin D that you would otherwise get in a pill. There are many studies that show higher Vitamin D levels help with many health issues. Some of the health issues that are prevented by getting natural Vitamin D include depression, cancer, osteoporosis, strokes and heart attacks. When you start aging, your body isn’t able to make as much Vitamin D from the sun. It is a controversial decision as to whether exposure to the sun without the use of sunscreen will help the body to make more Vitamin D. However, you do need to make sure you aren’t in the sun so long that it damages your skin.


shutterstock_287558735Getting outdoors is going to help you in getting exercise more as well. This is extremely beneficial to your health. Generally, when people are indoors they aren’t as active but getting outdoors can change this. When you go outdoors, you are more likely to go for a walk, get on a bike, go and play sports with a friend, work in the garden, rake leaves and more. All of these things are forms of exercise whether you see it that way or not. Some studies show that people are two times as active when they go outside than when they stay inside.


Your mood has to do with your health. It isn’t just your physical health you want to improve, it is your mental health too. When you get natural sunlight from being outside, your mood can increase. Studies show that those who are depressed feel better after they get outside. You can exercise outside and that will give you many health benefits at once.


If you have issues focusing, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to get outside. There are studies that show working or reading outside, help people to get more done and remember things better as well.


If you have an injury or you had surgery, you need to spend some time outdoors. There are more studies that show spending time outdoors during the healing process is going to help you to heal faster. Being outdoors relieves stress and less stress allows you to heal quicker.

As you can see, it is a great idea for you to spend as much time outdoors as you can if you want to have better health. There are numerous health benefits of being outdoors as you have read above. Now make a plan to spend a bit of time outdoors every day so you can improve your health.

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