Getting Laid on the First Date

by Dennis K
Getting Laid on the First Date

If you’re attracted to your date, it would be ideal for you to have sex with her even on the first meeting. You don’t want to waste much time when it comes to sex, that’s for sure. But if it doesn’t happen too often to you and you feel like you’re missing out on great things, then maybe you’re not doing it right.

Gearing Up Physiologically

If there’s the plan and the likeliness that you’re going to be cuddling in bed and ultimately doing the deed, then you have to be prepared physiologically. Eat a balanced meal at least three hours before the date. Doing the opposite will screw your stamina. Caffeine should also be avoided because it stimulates the nervous system. When this happens, you get extra nervous and it becomes tougher to get an erection.

First Impression

First impression on each otherOf course, you want to appear confident, sexy, charming, and polite. Then there’s also the importance of just acting normal. Doing the exact opposites of all this will scare her away. You have to bring her this sense of comfort when she’s with you, so she would be relaxed enough to have sex with you.

This also means you have to dress well. You don’t need to dress fancy, just put on some decent jeans and shirt. You don’t want to look like a teenager who’s just seen the outside world.

Getting to Make Your Place a Romantic Haven

If you’re going to bring a woman in your place, you have to make sure it’s all cleaned up, especially your bathroom. A clean bathroom is definitely plus points for her. Your condom needs to be within reach from the bed and a wine in the fridge is always a good idea just in case she wants to relax.

Greeting and Complimenting

Part of establishing a good impression is how courteous you are when you first meet her. After exchanging it’s nice to meet you gallantries, you can give her a hug and comment on how nice she looks. This will immediately make her comfortable as all women want to make sure they look pretty. This also establishes the mood for sex as you’re directly communicating your attraction to her.

Building Rapport

Building Rapport dateRapport can be established through the series of conversations you’re having with her. Initially, you’ll be the one to initiate the talking. You get her to talk about herself by asking questions. Of course, you also have to be interested in the things she says. Talking about herself and getting you to respond with more interesting questions makes her feel that there’s a connection going on.

To maintain this rapport, you should not straightforwardly contradict what she says. You can, somehow, in the form of teasing, but it has to playful and does not have a sarcastic tone in it. At the same time, you also have to be in front of the line here. Being in rapport doesn’t mean you just listen and agree to what she says. You also have to be actively present in the conversation with the awareness that you want to focus on her.

Getting Her to Leave

This is the most crucial time, especially if you want to bring her home with you. There’s no perfect time, just when she feels comfortable enough to leave and go with you. It can be helpful to let her finish her drink, so she can be more relaxed. You have to bear in mind that you have to be cool, charming, and decent that she’ll feel comfortable and safe to go home with you.

If you’ve managed to do the things above, then she’s likely to go home with you. If this happens, then the physical and psychological preparation you’ve done in advance will be put to use.

Once she says yes to your invitation to go your place, don’t waste it with mediocre sex. Make sure you give her one of the best sex she’s ever had that will make her want to see you more.

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