Give Your Woman the Orgasm of Her Dreams

by Dennis K
couple having sex seated position

Do you want your woman to think you are the only man in the world who can satisfy her sexual needs? Do you want her to be moaning with approval with every thrust? If you want to give your woman the orgasm of her dreams, there are things you must do. These tips you read today are going to change the way your woman views you sexually. She may never want to leave the bedroom and she may be coming to you for sex, instead of the other way around. This sounds like the sex life you want, right? Of course, it is practically every man’s dream and now you can give you her dreams too.

pleasured woman in bedTaking Your Sweet Time

One of the first ways you can give your woman the orgasms of her dreams is to take your sweet time. Rushing through sex just so you can have an orgasm isn’t going to satisfy her. You need to take your sweet time with every move and every touch you give to her. Make the experience relaxing, pleasurable and satisfying with each moment. When you are pushing into her, you don’t have to thrust hard every time. You can go slow and tease her. You can go fast and then slow down. Tease her though it all, you will see she loves it. She will be tingling and begging for you to get her to climax but take your sweet time and she will be even more pleased in the end!

Young couple engaged in sexual intercourseUse of Fantastic Foreplay

If you aren’t that great at foreplay, fix that. Practice more and more and make yourself better. This is one of the ways you are going to give your woman an orgasm she dreams of having. Make sure you are spending at least twice as much of the time with foreplay as you do with the sex itself. This is going to get her wet and begging for you to bring her over the top! Kiss her, touch her, massage her and bring her to her dreams!

Soaking Wet

Yes, you want your woman to get soaking wet before the orgasm. That is going to help her have the orgasm of her dreams. You are going to be feeling more pleasure during sex by doing this as well. When you get her soaking wet but not over the edge at that point, she is going to be grasping at you to give her all she dreams of. You are going to have her begging for sexual ecstasy. When she does have the orgasm, she is going to be in more pleasure than ever before.

Mix Up the Positions

If you really want to give your woman the orgasm of her dreams, you need to mix up the positions. She will get bored if you stick with the same position every time. Also, the more you stay in the same position, the longer it will take for her to have an orgasm. Surprise her and mix up the positions. Tease her and show her that you can please her no matter which position you use. The surprise of a different position alone can bring her to an ecstasy filled climax.

You are now fully equipped with the best ways to give your woman the orgasm of her dreams every time. Start the next time you have sex with her. If you get extremely good at this, you can even give her the orgasm of her dreams without even having intercourse with her. Yes, that may mean you are missing out but you can almost count on doing that for her and getting something in return.

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