What Are the Great Things You Will Get from Honey?

by Dennis K
jar of honey and honeycomb

Honey is one of the sweetest treats there is out there. If you love this golden treat, you are going to be glad to learn about the great things you will get from it as well. There are many types of honey and the organic is the best. You can use honey as an additive to meals, teas and more. When it comes to your health and other things, honey is something that will help you a ton. In addition, there are many sweeteners you may use that are unhealthy for you but using honey as a sweetener is one of the best things you can choose.

Anti-viral and Anti-Bacterial Properties

preview-full-jars_of_honey.jpg.662x0_q70_crop-scaleJust about everyone knows that eating things with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties is good for them. Honey gives you both of these things. It won’t cause your blood sugar levels to rise and it is healthy for you in many other ways too. Eating this helps to fight off infections of many sorts.

Common Cough

If you have a common cough, honey is one of the best ways to treat it. Studies have shown that honey is a quick and easy way to relieve the symptoms of a cough. It can ease your sore throat and even help you to sleep better as well.

Cancer Treatment Side Effects

If you are having side effects from cancer treatment, you should eat honey. You might have sores in your mouth that make it hard to eat. Your neck and throat may be sore. Honey can help to treat these issues. In addition, honey has also shown to help in preventing cancer. It boost immune systems and reduces your risk of getting cancer.

Disease Manager and Preventer

Research and studies have also shown that honey is helpful in preventing and managing different types of diseases. Some examples of these include leukemia, diabetes and cancer.


There have been studies done to show that honey is beneficial in reducing the risk of diabetes too. Honey helps in managing cholesterol as well as body fat. It has even been known that mixing honey with certain medications can help to protect your body from the damages the medications could have on your body.

Skin Enhancing

You will also get better skin from eating honey as well. This is actually a well-known skin enhancer. Honey can soothe and soften your skin. It is also great for keeping the hydration in your skin as well. If you want to have better looking skin, reduce wrinkles and prevent infection of the skin, honey is the way to do it.


The pollen that is used in the making of honey if full of protein and amino acids. These are beneficial in many ways including improving overall health too.

Royal Jelly

Honeycombs with spoonThe royal jelly is full of nutrition and that is what the bees are fed before they grow into queens. This type of jelly is used in the treatment of insomnia, liver disease, lowering high cholesterol levels and treating asthma.

When you want to improve your health, there are many ways that honey can help you to do this. You don’t have to think about unhealthy side effects from honey because that doesn’t happen. In fact, you can replace many unhealthy sweet treats with honey and then you will have a healthy snack alternative. Even if you currently add sweetener to your tea or other drinks, honey is the best alternative for those sweeteners you could be using. Improve your health, skin and other things just by eating honey.

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