Health Risks Most Common to Men

by Dennis K
man smoking and drinking beer

You may hear about women having a high risk of breast cancer and other health issues. These are all unfortunate health issues but women are not alone. There are many health risks most common to men as well. Yes, men may like to believe they are invincible but the truth is there are some health risks that are more serious and must be given attention to. Think of your body as a gadget you love or even a vehicle you love. You must take proper care of yourself and your health to keep things going and you can do that by paying more attention to these health risks.

Heart Health Issuestestosterone-supplement-reduces-heart-attack-risk-from-heart-disease

There are many heart health issues to pay attention to. There are many forms of heart disease and many of them can be fatal if not attended to. Studies show that 1 in every 3 men has cardiovascular issues. Many men have high blood pressure and getting routine checkups is extremely important. Check with your doctor to see what your risk of getting heart health issues are.

Respiratory Diseases

Other common health risks for men are respiratory diseases. Now, many of these diseases do begin with smoking but not all of them. The smoker’s cough can cause fatal conditions. Some issues may include COPD, lung cancer and emphysema. Studies show that over the years, more and more men, are developing some sort of lung cancer. Be sure that you speak with your doctor if you want to know your risk of developing respiratory diseases.


While consuming alcohol may seem fun in the moment, it can lead to many serious health issues. Men are more likely to have an alcohol-related death than women. They are also more likely to end up in the hospital because of drinking than women. Many men will binge drink and then they become more prone to being aggressive towards others. The truth is alcohol does cause serious health risks for the throat, mouth, liver, esophagus and the colon too. It also leads to testicular issues.


depressionDepression is another one of the serious health risks men are prone too. There are many reasons why men may become depressed such as working too much, having a load of responsibilities and more. If you want to combat depression, there are many things you can do. You can get help from others, communicate your feelings and exercise.

These are just some of the most common health risks men are prone to get. If you want to know more about your risks, please consult with your doctor or another health professional. There are many ways you can prevent these health risks and your doctor can help you with the best ways to do this in your life.

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