Which Healthy Foods Should You Be Careful With?

by Dennis K
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Choosing to eat healthy foods is one of the greatest choices you can make in relation to having greater health. However, there are some healthy foods that you should be careful with. Just because a food is healthy that does not mean there are no downsides to eating it. It may sound odd but there are some healthy foods that may cause you to gain weight, become bloated or have other issues. Learn more today about the healthy foods that you should be careful with.

Almonds, Walnuts and Cashews

avocadoYou probably know that almonds, walnuts and cashews are great for your health. This is mainly because they are high in minerals, anti-oxidants and vitamins. However, these foods are quite high in calories so you must be careful with them, especially if you are trying to lose weight. You can eat them in moderation and it will be fine. The recommended amount for a quick snack would be 2 almonds or 7 walnuts or cashews.


Another healthy food that you should be careful with is fruit. Yes, you are reading this correctly. There is actually a downside to eating too much fruit. Fruit is an excellent way for you to get essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. However, fruits have a lot of simple carbohydrates in them. If you get too much simple carbohydrates at one time or in a day, your body is going to store those as more fat in the body. This causes a muffin top or more fat elsewhere. Additionally, if you eat too much fruit that increases blood glucose levels in your blood which can cause Type 2 diabetes. To keep eating fruits without the harmful downsides, don’t eat a lot of them in one day and eat protein and fiber when you eat the fruit.


You have heard that avocados are great for your health and they are. Generally, the avocados should be eaten around bedtime because they are full of healthy fats and fibers. These keep you full for a longer period of time so you don’t get up and snack during the middle of the night. They also have anti-oxidants which help to keep fighting aging and other health issues. What is the downside of eating avocados? Well, they are full of calories as well. In fact, one avocado has around 350 calories. You should only eat about a quarter of one avocado for a snack.

Refined Flour Bread, Pasta and Rice

pasta in red sauceThe bread, pasta and rice that are made with refined flour are called whole-foods. These are healthy because they have a lot of fiber in them which helps you to stay full for longer. In addition, they have more complex carbohydrates which slowly release sugar throughout your blood so you don’t have spikes in insulin levels. The problem is that these foods also have too many calories in them. It is recommended that you determine a meal plan that has a pre-set amount of calories each day before figuring out how much of these foods you can have daily.


There are many types of yogurt out there that are great for your health. It is good to eat some yogurt each day. However, you should know that many yogurts have many calories in them and added sugars. If you choose to eat yogurt, be sure to go with the fat-free and plain types. You can sweeten the yogurt by adding in honey or fresh fruits.

Cream Cheese

You will also find some benefits of eating cream cheese. It is a great meal to eat some fresh made bread and add a bit of cream cheese onto it. The problem is that cream cheese is loaded with saturated fats which unfortunately are not the healthy fats you need. You can have some cream cheese but only eat it in moderation. The recommended amount is one teaspoon per day.

Choosing to eat healthy foods is an excellent way to have better health. However, you do have to be careful with some healthy foods and make sure you only have them in moderation. If you want to lose weight, reduce stomach pains and have better health, keep in mind the foods you read about here today.

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