How Do You Masturbate?

by Danny Fernsby

Everyone knows that having sex in the same position for the rest of your life is boring as hell.

Am I right?

For example, you’re probably going to get annoyed and irritated with your sex life if you and your partner only ever do the missionary position during sex. Well, the same goes for masturbating purposes.

Masturbating can get boring and stale, depending on what you’re doing. Think about it this way, masturbation is just you having sex with yourself. If you do the same thing each time, and you perform the same techniques every time, you’re going to enjoy it a lot less. I understand masturbating is only a ‘means to an end,’ and that it technically is only used when you’re trying to orgasm due to sexual overload or such circumstances, but you should still be able to enjoy it.

So, with that being said, I suggest you guys get to experimenting and switching up your masturbation style. Check out the following tips that will get you enjoying your solo time in no time. And plus, if you’re willing to experiment by yourself, experimentation will be even better with your partner next time the two of you have sex. Here we go!

Change positions.

Just like I stated before, doing the missionary position with your partner for your entire life is boring as hell. Same goes for masturbation. Change your position, you’ll have more fun with it.

Believe it or not, most men masturbate in the same exact position, each and every time. You’re probably already thinking about what position that is, and there’s an obvious answer to that question: Sitting. It’s quick, it’s comfortable, and it’s convenient. But, have you ever thought about masturbating standing up? And no, I don’t mean in the shower (although you could do that, too).

Instead, try standing or lying flat on your back. If you constantly change your position, you’ll experience different sensations, and in turn will enjoy your alone time a lot more. And, if you get really creative, you’ll boost your overall confidence, therefore your ability to try new things in the bedroom with your partner will increase.

Don’t just masturbate, touch yourself in other areas, too.

How Do You Masturbate?This may sound like a girly thing to say, but trust me; Exploring your body will make your solo experience more thrilling. Do not just touch your penis, like most men do.

Think about it this way, our entire body has different sensations in different areas. Limiting masturbation to one area is kind of leading you to be disappointed, because you aren’t feeling everything you could be feeling. Your penis is not your only erogenous zone, fellas.

Instead, focus on other areas of the body, such as your nipples, your sacrum, and your upper thighs. If you didn’t know what your sacrum was, I’ll tell you. It’s the lower part of your back, and boy does it work at turning you on, trust me.

The only suggestion I would like to provide you in using these areas to improve your masturbation techniques is that you need to zone out while touching such areas. You really need to concentrate while doing this. I know what you’re thinking, it looks gay. Well, it’s not; It’s pleasurable, and you’re alone so no one else will see anyways.

Other areas you can target include your scalp, neck, and inner wrist.

Tease yourself like your partner would tease you.

No, this does not mean give yourself a blow job, as I’m sure you know that’s near impossible.

What I mean when I tell you this is to hold off from orgasming for a little while, if you can. I understand, as said before, that masturbation is a ‘means to an end,’ But, if you enjoy the experience, and make it last a little bit longer than usual, you’ll experience an entirely new feeling.

Even health care professionals suggest men should hold off for a little while. The key is to masturbate until you feel like you’re ready to ejaculate, then stop immediately once you feel it about to happen. Give yourself a little bit of a rest, then start up again. The second time around is when you should ejaculate. This process is known as ‘edging,’ and many men say it works wonders. Why? Because the sexual tension builds up and feels amazing once you allow yourself that release.

Try using a sex toy.

male sex toy for masturbatingI know what you’re thinking, “Sex toys are for women.”

What are we? 5? Sex toys are not just for women at all. Sex toys are for both men and women and they make the experience of masturbation or intercourse heightened. Just like women use vibrators or dildos, men use penis sleeves or pocket pussies. It’s a thing, and it works. Think about it, an entirely different sensation would fill your body, so why not try it?

Figure out what toys are best for you. They have some with bumps, they have some with ridges, they even have some with slight vibrations. To each his own, am I right?

The key to these toys is that they provide the penis with a lot of friction, therefore enhancing all sexual arousal phases of masturbation. Don’t get used to them too much, though, as you’ll rely on them a lot when it comes time for sexual intercourse. However, you can try them with your partner to increase sexual pleasure. Try using your partners toys, too.

So, if you just adopt these four techniques of changing positions, touching yourself in other areas, teasing yourself, and using sex toys, you’ll feel pleasure during masturbation that you’ve never felt before. Try it out, don’t be scared.

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