How Masturbation Affects Your Health

by Danny Fernsby
woman's finger on chocolate orange, vagina symbol

               Almost every person in the world has done it at some point, and while it’s still taboo to mention it in public, masturbation is healthy and natural. It’s completely normal to perform self-love on yourself and men tend to do this more than women, studies show. Having that alone time has many great benefits for both your mind and your body. It also has some interesting effects on your relationship that we’ll get into later. Of course, there are some negative things that should be considered, but many of those can be avoided. So, without further ado, let us journey on into this discussion of self-love.


man with hand inside underwear holding crotch          If you’ve been feeling stressed, bored, frustrated, irritated, sluggish, tired, or self-conscious, I’ve got some exciting news. There is a simple fix for all the above and it doesn’t involve a doctor’s appointment or medication. In fact, it only involves you, a place to be alone and some imagination. I’m talking about masturbation, the one-man tango, applying the hand-brake, cleaning your rifle, whatever you want to call it, do it. There’s actually real-life science on why this healthy (I know it’s an exciting time for us all.) Masturbation is a great way to relieve stress and cheers us up. The act itself helps the body release oxytocin and endorphins, which are your happy chemicals if you didn’t know. It also lowers blood pressure, decrease our stress levels helps distance our anxieties and is an amazing sleep aid (but let’s be honest, you already knew that one.) Another awesome benefit is the increase in blood flow when you’re choking the chicken. Because the body is a very fickle machine and the only way you can keep certain arteries and tissues healthy is to use them, I’m talking about the ones downstairs. This is especially true if you don’t have a regular sexual partner. You need to take matters into your own hand. It’d be a tragedy to find out one day that you can’t perform because of lack of use. Masturbation is better for you, the older you get, men over 50 can use this to promote a healthy sex-life, more exercise and it’s going to make you feel better. It also decreases the incidence of prostate cancers in men and helps to keep it healthy. With great pleasure comes great responsibility, so don’t get too comfortable with the idea of masturbating all the time.


               Now I have to bring the mood down. I know you were having a great time learning all the great things your self-pleasure is doing for your body, but as with everything in life, it must be in moderation. I’m not your mom and I’m not your boss, so you don’t have to listen to me at all, but there are some real issues that can happen to you if you masturbate too much. While there are no medical concerns from it, though you might consider staying hydrated, there are some social ones. It is totally possible to get addicted to masturbating. It’s more common than you think, and this can really negatively impact your current and future relationships. If you find yourself masturbation for no gain, and you no longer find fulfilling pleasure in it, you might what to discuss these issues with a professional. You might also find yourself only able to perform to watching pornography, don’t let it get this bad. This will affect your relationship and you’ll find it harder and harder to achieve a natural orgasm with a partner. This is again a problem, you should seek professional help for, it’s hard to overcome addiction by yourself and many of your loved ones and friends won’t understand what you’re going through. You may also find yourself suffering from guilt when you man watching porn on phone during masturbationpleasure yourself, but I promise you there is nothing morally or physically wrong with what you’re doing. Cultural, religious, and spiritual beliefs can cause this guilt, and even in America’s society where sexuality is becoming less taboo than other places, there’s still shame and fear in masturbating in the general public. Another worry among men and women is will masturbation decrease your libido, and I can but there are many ways to prevent this. Changing it up is a great and simple way to make sure you can pleasure yourself and your partner. Making sure you’re not gripping too hard is also needed. This can cause sensation loss and make it almost impossible to achieve orgasm by another human body because the grip and sensation will be lacking. A final issue I bring to you is masturbation in a relationship. There’s nothing technically wrong with this, and in fact, it’s healthy, but the issue stems from people finding masturbation off-putting. Your partner might find it offensive that you’d rather masturbate than have sex with them or think that you’re selfish for needing more sexual activity than them, if you find in your relationship this is the case, you might consider seeing a therapist together or talking it out among yourselves, because we deny yourself the sexual needs you may experience can be detrimental as well to both your health and relationship. As with most issues, communication is key.


               You have seen the benefits and side effects of masturbation, and you know the risks and rewards. I hope this brought to light a few things you didn’t know and put to rest some worries. Finding pleasure in yourself is a natural and common thing and today’s society may try to shame us for it, but the benefits are undeniable. Becoming more confident in your sexual needs and making peace with your negative thoughts is something every adult should strive for. Life is the way to short to deny yourself the pleasure you deserve.

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