How To Make Sure Your Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Actually Work

by Danny Fernsby

Recent research shows almost 70% of men taking medications for erectile dysfunction like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, or Spedra still experienced erectile dysfunction, but 77% of the men who still had problems were actually taking the medication incorrectly. By re-educating these men on the most effective ways to take medication for erectile dysfunction, many of them saw significant improvement in their symptoms. Therefore, if you are taking erectile dysfunction medication without seeing any results, then you might want to consider some alterations to the way that you choose to take them.

You need to get yourself aroused.

3% of people who use erectile dysfunction medication reported they were still experiencing insufficient amounts of sexual arousal. However, the truth is that erectile dysfunction medications are not going to help you with sexual arousal. Once you are sexually aroused, the drugs will help you obtain and maintain a sufficient erection, but you need to find your own way of getting that initial sexual arousal. If you are having issues with arousal, then you need to find ways of increasing your sex drive.

man looking down his pants after taking erectile dysfunction drugsThere are many causes to low libido, including certain medical concerns, mental health concerns, low testosterone levels, or sexual expectations that are too unrealistic due to too much pornographic exposure. By addressing these problems, you can probably increase your sex drive. You can also talk to a healthcare provider about trying certain sex therapies and dietary supplements. Once you increase your sex drive, your erectile dysfunction medications will kick in to help you with getting an erection.

Pay attention to the dosages.

You do not need to take the minimum dosage of erectile dysfunction medication. For many men, erectile dysfunction medications only work if you take higher doses. You should be careful about high doses if you have certain medical conditions, especially conditions that relate to year cardiovascular health. However, you can always talk to your doctor about increasing your doses. You can also try mixing the medication with non-prescription sexual enhancement supplements. You will have to be careful about which supplements you choose because some can be dangerous in high doses and some do not actually work. However, many reports show that supplements can work for erectile dysfunction, so you can definitely try mixing supplements with your prescription medication to see if it makes a difference. Again, you should definitely talk to your healthcare provider about using these supplements and about choosing the right ones.

Try it at least six times before you assume it does not work.

33% of men give up immediately on their erectile dysfunction medication, but most recommend you should try it on at least six different occasions. If you are the lowest dosage possible, feel free to talk to your doctor about increasing your dosage after each attempt until it works. The first few times you take erectile dysfunction medication, many factors can prevent it from working effectively. For example, you might be having trouble with sexual arousal or proper absorption of the medication. Therefore, you need to play around with these factors and with the doses until it starts to work for you.

Time when you take your medication.

It is definitely important to take erectile dysfunction medication about 25 minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse. If you wait 60 minutes, you will enjoy the most benefit of the medication. Cialis, meanwhile, actually takes about two or three hours. However, about 15% of men started engaging in intercourse way too soon after taking the medication. For some men, this timing means they have to take the medication sometime after dinner. In fact, over 20% of men took erectile dysfunction medication soon after eating a big dinner.

However, erectile dysfunction medication works best about two or three hours after eating dinner. Too much food in your digestive system means that only about 50% of the erectile dysfunction medication will actually end up getting absorbed into your bloodstream. If you do not have two or three hours between dinner and sex, then you might want to try planning earlier dinners or later sex. Otherwise, the erectile dysfunction medication might not be effective. Additionally, you can spend some extra time on foreplay so that you have more time between dinner and that actual moment during intercourse that you might need an erection.

Switch medications.

How To Make Sure Your Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Actually WorkNothing is binding you to try only one erectile dysfunction drug, but 40% of men actually give up after they did not respond to one drug. If one drug does not work for you, then you can always talk to your doctor about trying out a different one. If none of the medications work for you, then there are some procedures that can actually work. These procedures are somewhat invasive and can result in pain and other side effects, but if you want an erection, then it is still worth talking to your doctor about exhausting all your options before you give up forever.

Play around with other medications.

Sometimes, erectile dysfunction medications react to drugs you are taking for other medical purposes. Oftentimes, these medical conditions are actually playing a big role in causing your erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, the reaction between the different does not make a difference at all. However, other times the combination of the two drugs can render your erectile dysfunction drug completely useless. Of course, you should never stop taking drugs that are keeping you healthy. However, you can definitely talk to your doctor about playing around with all your medications so that they can all work effectively without causing any other problems.

Erectile dysfunction can be frustrating because you need to maintain a sufficient erection if you want to engage in satisfying sexual intercourse. Medication can definitely play a crucial role in helping you manage your erectile dysfunction, but you still have to be patient. In order for erectile dysfunction medications to work, you might have to play around with what medications to you take and how you take them.

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