Is HumaPro Genuinely Safe and Effectual?

by Dennis K
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About the Product

HumaPro is a muscle-building supplement that claims to supply the body with essential amino acids. This is to avoid the disintegration of muscles during intense physical training sessions. When it comes to growing muscles, amino acids are vital. Moreover, proteins facilitate muscle development and aid in the reduction of recuperation period. For this reason, bodybuilders and athletes depend on whey protein drinks to help them accomplish their objectives.

In the present, the industry has lots of protein supplements it’s actually tough to choose for the right one. To stand out, a company needs to make sure its product has something more to offer. That’s the case for ALR Industries, the manufacturer of HumaPro. It claims that HumaPro is a protein product of premier quality and delivers more of what other supplements do.

The company states that whey is primarily for farm cows. People should depend on a greater formulation, which they claim can be given by HumaPro. This product was developed for people seeking for the lowest waste protein matrix, but with the greatest amount of bioavailability.

ALR Industries further purported that this fresh formulation provides you 500% more lean muscle mass gains compared with what whey protein can provide. HumaPro is said to be also 300% higher in effectiveness than that of whey. These claims got many people intrigued.

About the Company

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As mentioned, HumaPro is developed by ALR Industries. Upon checking the company’s site, it was under maintenance as of this writing. We think it comes as a surprise especially for a company that states it’s been in the business since 2001. As a matter of fact, our research implies that its domain name was only listed in 2004. Over a decade later, we checked its site and it’s under maintenance? That seems off. So, we found their Facebook page instead. There, we learned that they concentrate on making nutritional supplements for athletic or training performance nutrition and enhancement. This company was spearheaded by Author L. Rea, who’s been portrayed as someone who has spent many years in bodybuilding and by 2001, decided to share his knowledge of the field by creating nutritional supplements. He’s also depicted as one of the scientists in the company who’s created multiple formulations of supplements.

Product Assertions

Assertions made are somehow huge. It is claimed to provide 500% more lean muscle mass gains and help you shed 250% more fat. Its components are also said to be 100% easier to digest, so nutrients are easily assimilated in the body and the consumers don’t feel bloated after taking it. It is generally touted that HumaPro can help you get bigger and more strengthened muscles more substantially than with similar supplements.

What are the Ingredients?

fit guy doing dumbbell bicep curls in gymHumaPro has three groups of components: the Nanosized Essential Amino Acid, Extended Anti-Catabolic and Insulingenic Matrix, and the Vitamin and Mineral Nnu Co-Factors.

Nanosized Essential Amino Acid: said to be the greatest source of protein since the amino acid content here is compacted that 1 gram of protein only delivers 0.04 calories. Generally, 1 gram of protein generates four calories.

Extended Anti-Catabolic and Insulingenic Matrix: an exclusive blend that contains Bitter Melon Fractional Extract and Coffee Bean Concentrate. It aims to improve your mental concentration.

Vitamin and Mineral Nnu Co-Factors: a set of vitamins selected to help with various bodily functions and processes.

Product Features

HumaPro gives a distinctive formulation compared with the usual formulas.

It actually has gotten some positive feedbacks testifying to its effectiveness.

It is available in both powder and tablet types, so users can choose.

Nonetheless, HumaPro appears to be costly than similar supplements. It may be a cause of concern that there’s no product label provided, so the exact dosages of the ingredients are not known. Finally, the clinical proof that HumaPro is effective is not final yet.

Is HumaPro Effectual?

Based on customer feedbacks, HumaPro is effective. Most reviews are positive with HumaPro mostly getting 4.5 stars out of 5 on There were only very few negative reviews.

Place of Purchase

HumaPro can be conveniently purchased from many online retailers like Amazon where it has a price of $48.98. You can also acquire it from Vitaminshoppe for the same cost.

The Takeaway

HumaPro has the potential to help you build bigger and stronger muscles. It is quite distinctive because it has a different formulation, something that’s not common in the industry and something that’s new. If you’ve tried many protein supplements that are just the same and have failed to yield remarkable results, maybe it’s time to try for something different and something new.

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