Most Important Things to Eliminate From Any Weight Loss Diet

by Dennis K

Alright, so you are ready to go on a weight loss diet. Now what are you supposed to do? You may be familiar with things that you should be including in your diet. However, a diet is not just about what you are eating. You should know the most important things that you should eliminate from any weight loss diet as well. You may know that junk foods shouldn’t be a part of your weight loss diet. However, there are more things that would cause you to keep on the weight, feel unmotivated, tired and even bloated. Remember these things when you are creating your weight loss diet.

Diet Soda

no-diet-soda-1If you have been drinking diet soda, it is time to cut them out. Not only are they not good for your weight loss diet but they are harmful to your health as well. Most of the diet sodas are artificially sweetened and claim they don’t have sugar. However, they have something much worse. The artificial sweetener that is in them is damaging to the body. The aspartame is the most used sweetener and it is a chemical. Studies and research have shown that it can cause cancer and other health issues. If you are getting depressed, mood swings, headaches, lowered metabolism and other health issues it could be because of drinking diet soda. Just cut it out to benefit your health and your weight loss efforts.

French Fries

french-fries-628x363Alright, so you love French fries. Who doesn’t, right? You may buy them frozen or you may get them from just about any fast food joint. The point is they are unhealthy for you in just about every way and they are not going to benefit you during a weight loss diet either. They are thin and have a bigger surface which then absorbs a lot of the oil when fried. They are also doused in salt. There is not a bigger disaster than French fries for any weight loss diet and they are extremely bad for your health too.


Yes, donuts could make a quick breakfast or a snack but for the most part so many of them are bad for you. There are many recipes in which you can make that are healthier recipes. If you are willing to do that, they might be alright for you. However, most of the donuts that are purchased are high in trans fats which are very bad for you. Those types of fats cause numerous health problems and do cause weight gain and not weight loss. Kick these from your diet today!


Oh no! Not the bacon. Unfortunately, bacon is not going to help you lose weight no matter how great it tastes. If you are going to eat bacon, make sure you buy turkey bacon. Bacon is made from fat and has a lot of salt in it. This is not going to do you any favors if you are trying to lose weight. There is also a lot of sugar in it along with chemical additives. Avoid it if you want to lose weight.

These are the most important things you need to eliminate from your weight loss diet. Starting doing that right away.

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