Improve The Appearance Of Your Skin And Hair By Using Castor Oil

by Danny Fernsby
beard oil

Castor oil has for long been underrated as a natural remedy for treating hair and skin problems. It is always viewed as oil that helps in times of constipation only! However, I bring to you good news today. Castor oil has been found as a treatment for hair and skin complications. The very first uses of this oil were utilized in ancient Egypt to treat eye irritations.

Benefits of castor oil for hair

However, experts and beauty therapist highly recommend castor oil as a remedy for hair growth. Once massaged on the hair strands, it improves blood circulation within the follicles and as well promotes faster growth of the hair. This looks like a very interesting discovery to you who have been suffering from slow hair growth. It must have been very tiring until now! This is simply due to the fact that, castor oil contain omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids that aid in a faster hair growth rate.

I am going to show you the process of attaining long hair and a better look. First and foremost, apply castor oil to your hair and massage to the root ends of the hair and cover the head with a cap for about 12 hours (preferably overnight). Thoroughly wash the hair with plenty of clean water in the morning until it regains its previous texture.  After this process, your hair will grow faster and will attain a thick silky texture.

castor oil for hairAnother way in which castor oil is used is in the treatment of hair dandruff as well as scalp conditions. This is done by mixing castor oil with other ingredients such as honey, aloe Vera and lemon juice. After applying this mixture to your hair for around 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of clean water and later add a shampoo. This will immediately eliminate dandruff and as well treat other conditions in your hair thus making it healthier and shinier.

Castor oil is also another great source of natural homemade hair masks. This generally improves the overall appearance of your hair by making it shine with an extra glossiness. This is done by mixing two table spoonful’s castor oil with one cup of slightly warm kefir. Apply this mixture to your hair and leave it capped for about 30 minutes. Rinse it with clean water and wash with a shampoo. This will give you tremendous success especially if you use it on a regular basis.

Benefits of castor oil for skin

Many people don’t realize that castor oil is an amazing skin moisturizer. I am revealing this secret to you today! It generally delays all the signs of aging as well as chest and neck wrinkles. What it does is that, as opposed to other artificial oils, it penetrates deep in the skin where it moisturizes an ultimately softens the skin. In addition, it promotes the production of elastin and collagen; elements that maintain the youthful and tender appearance of the skin.

Have you always suffered from a dry skin and sunburns? I have a perfect solution for you. By preparing a mixture of castor oil and coconut oil, you have a perfect solution for a dry skin. This is done by applying the mixture to the part of the body that is affected and leaving it for around half an hour. Rinse that part with clean water and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. This will leave you r skin soft and the dryness will instantly disappear. Isn’t that magical? Try it and thank me later!

Best anti-aging tips

Research has shown that, there are certain lifestyles that we have adopted and they might be the greatest accelerator of aging. However, according to various medical practitioners, there are a myriad of ways in which we can mitigate or reverse the situation. The first best anti-aging tip is drinking a lot of water. Water as a best anti-aging tip keeps the skin moisturized and in a natural state. This prevents sagging of the skin and even looking older than you actually are. Another very important anti-aging tip is keeping the correct diet. Medical practitioners advocate for antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables. This is because they contain Vitamins which are vital for recuperating the skin.

Another best anti-aging tip is to quit smoking. Several researches and studies have shown that, smokers have a 68 higher percentage of early aging in comparison to non-smokers. In addition, smokers have a high risk of developing skin diseases which would eventually make them look older than they really are. Therefore, if you are a habitual smoker but really care about your skin complexion it would be wise to stop smoking!

Neck and chest wrinkles

castor oil and seedsNeck and chest wrinkles are a reminder that years are going by and you are advancing in your age. However, this is not a justification that neck and chest wrinkles cannot be treated.  Research and studies show that, almost 72% of individual over the age of 55 starts to produce neck and chest wrinkles. This is a very unpleasant fact since most of the female counterparts like maintaining a young and beautiful look.

One of the remedies or treatment of neck and chest wrinkles is through applying aloe Vera on the neck and chest wrinkles. This is due to the fact that, aloe Vera provides the skin with collagen which primarily prevents the development of neck and chest wrinkles. This therefore ensures that an individual retains a soft and young look. Another way of preventing neck and chest wrinkles is through drinking a lot of water. Water has been found to work magic especially when it comes to aging and development of neck and chest wrinkles. As an early advice, you should start drinking plenty of water daily in order to avoid neck and chest wrinkles.


We have seen that castor oil is very useful and a remedy in solving both hair and skin complications. By utilizing this natural oil, many people would be relieved from their routine use of manufactured products which are largely harmful to their health. It is now a good time to turn to natural remedies and castor oil is just perfect for you!

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