Increase Your Penis Size With Easy Stretching Exercises

by Dennis K
happy man holding tape measure against crotch

Every man asks themselves the question “Am I Big enough?” at some point during their lives or another. Supplements and surgeries can help, but another easy method to help you gain some length is through penis exercises.

Here are some exercises that every guy should be doing to gain inches quickly and easily. And if you want even more penis size to go along with what stretching does, you can check out the 3 best male enhancement pills on this list.

The Basic Penis Stretch, What is it?

The basic penis stretch is the most common and most recognizable penis enlargement exercises for a reason, it is just so effective!

The idea behind this exercise is to stretch out and lengthen the tissues within the penis in a controlled manner as to not cause pain or injury.

In fact if done correctly this is an effective, easy exercise to perform which will increase your penis size without sending you to the emergency room for an embarrassing reason.

How Do You Do the Basic Penis Stretch?

First you want to start off with a gentle stretch where you increase the intensity slowly over time. Stretch your penis to where it is slightly erect but not fully, at about 40% of your maximum.

woman surprised with man revealing his packageIf you wish to apply any type of lubricant like petroleum jelly or something along those lines to your penis, do so at this point.

Then, grab the your penis right behind the head or glans with your dominant hand. Slowly and tightly pull your penis forward until you feel a comfortable stretch. Remember you want to apply steady pressure but not too harsh. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds and relax.

Third, take your left hand and pull in the left direction. Hold this stretch for another 10 seconds and then relax back to the starting position.

Fourth, pull downward with your dominant hand and hold this stretch for 10 seconds. Afterwards relax back to the starting position.

Fifth, pull to the right using your right hand and again hold this stretch for 10 seconds. Again relax to the starting position.

Finally pull upwards using your dominant hand and hold a good stretch for 10 seconds. Again relax to the starting position. You can repeat this exercise for as many repetitions as you see fit.

When you begin to progress through the exercise over time and it becomes easier for you, you can increase the duration of time for which you are stretching to further increase your length!

What Should I Be Feeling When Performing Penis Stretches?

During stretching what someone experiences varies from individual to individual. Common sensations that people experience are tingling, or a feeling like your penis is feeling tired. Tingling is a sign of increased blood flow to an area which is good in this case, as is tired which is an indication that you doing the exercises correctly.

man in boxers measuring his penis sizeSome people will experience no sensation at all outside of the feeling of the stretch itself. If this is you, not only is this ok it is a good sign as well.

The most important thing is to stop if you feel pain. Any sensation of pain that you’re feeling is your body’s way of telling you to stop, so stop if the exercise is hurting you.

Remember, the penis may act as if it is a muscle, but its anatomy is completely different than our skeletal muscles. Injury to the penis takes longer to recover and may require surgery. Doing these exercises comes with a low risk of injury but you still should keep your safety in mind also.

How Do I Know When To Increase Intensity or Add New Exercises?

If you want to know if you should increase the intensity of your exercise or add new exercises you just need to listen to your body.

For example if you were feeling tingling sensations when you first started the exercise and are not experiencing them anymore after doing the exercise for a period of time, increase the intensity.

Keep increasing the tempo until you start feeling those same sensations again, and continue the exercises.

Most people will need to increase the intensity of their exercises or add new ones to their route after a period of 3-6 months. This is generally the amount of time the body needs to adapt to these penis exercises.

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