Issues That Contribute to Sexual Dysfunction

by Dennis K

If you are a man who is suffering from sexual dysfunction, you may be embarrassed to say anything to anyone. That may very well be why you are online looking for help. You may not even want to talk to your doctor about your issues. However, for now, you may not need to talk to anyone about it or tell anyone what is going on. If you know more about the issues that could be contributing to sexual dysfunction, you could solve all the issues you are having before anyone has to know a thing. Keep reading right now to find out more about the issues that could be causing you to have sexual dysfunction issues.

Not Focusing

preview-full-Stress_Men_Health_Erectile_DysfunctionIf you are not focusing or have any sort of lack of focus, you might have sexual dysfunction of some sort. In order to stay in control over your sex life, you need to pay attention to what is going on. If your thoughts are all over the place and you can’t concentrate on one thing for very long, then you may start having issues keeping it up or even getting an erection in the first place. If you are not focusing, you need to fix this. The best way to do that is to solve whatever is causing you to get distracted. You can also practice focusing. Pick one thing around the room and focus on it for as long as you possibly can. If other thoughts pop up, accept them but don’t think about them. If your mind wanders, write down how long you were able to focus. Then try again. Do your best to beat the time you did the first time.

High Levels of Stress

Stress does cause various issues in people’s lives and unfortunately, it can and often does cause men to have sexual dysfunction issues too. If you are having high levels of stress in your life at this time, you must choose to do something about that. If you ever want to have a normal sex life again, you have to reduce your stress levels. If you are only thinking about the things that stress you out, you aren’t going to get erect or even get turned on. Solve whatever issue is causing you high levels of stress so you can have exciting and sensual sex again.

Sexual Fantasy

It is perfectly normal if you have sexual fantasies. However, there are ways that you deal with these fantasies that could cause you to have sexual dysfunction instead of helping you. When you focus on these fantasies you have but you stress out about them, that is going to cause issues. You might think that you aren’t going to live up to the fantasy that you see in your head. This could cause you to go limp. If you do have a sexual fantasy, don’t expect anything from it. If you can let go of your expectations, you can have greater sex once again.

Sexual Frustration

preview-full-sexual DisfunctionIf you have been waiting to have sex for some time and you still haven’t gotten lucky, you have sexual frustration. When you finally do get around to having sex, you may have worked yourself up so much that you don’t feel you can get erect. You are so frustrated that your body is fighting against you. What can you do about this? Well, you can masturbate once a day for a couple days in a row. This will help you to satisfy yourself so you aren’t disappointed. You will relieve the frustration and be better by the next time you have sex.

These are the issues that could be contributing to sexual dysfunction. Luckily, these are all issues that you can solve so make sure you start doing that today if you want to have great sex again.

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