Did You Know Sex is Great for Boosting Your Health?

by Dennis K

You are thinking about all the things you need to do with your life. You are busy running in circles day after day and you aren’t making any time for your personal “you time”. This is going to become a problem if it hasn’t done so already. You may not think that sex should be put first in your life and while it is admirable to do work and other things, you need to make time for sex. Did you know that sex is great for boosting your health? There are many benefits you will get just from having sex and you can find out about those benefits here today.

Lower Stress Levels

preview-full-sexIf you want to reduce your stress from all that running around you do, you can do that by having sex. Research does show that men who have sex at least once a week are going to have lower stress levels. The oxytocin and endorphins that rush through your system when you have sex are proven to reduce stress. What are you waiting on? You can go and have sex and reduce your stress levels.

Building Your Immune System

preview-full-lovers-bedroom-bed-sex-intimacy-lvoe-passionIt is like you to miss out on work no matter what. However, it can make one heck of a work week if you have to go in while you are sick. You don’t have to let that happen or at least you can reduce the chances of that happening. If you have sex, you will build your immune system. As long as you are having sex at least once every other week, your immune system will be 30% healthier.

Better Sleep

Studies even show that when you have sex at least twice a week, you will have better sleep. So, if you are out running about and tiring yourself out but you can’t seem to sleep at night, there is a solution to that. All you need to do is have sex. On the nights or days that you do have sex, you will get the best sleep. Oxytocin is released after you have sex and that helps in the promotion of sleep.


Having sex will help you to have better exercising results. When you have sex, you feel pretty good about yourself. This means you are more likely to stick to the exercise program you planned on doing. You are also more likely to work harder during your exercise program so you can show off your body the next time you have sex. In addition, you can even use sex as a form of exercise so get to it and build your strength by having sex.

Looking Younger

Did you know that by having sex, you can look younger? If you didn’t know this, it is about time that you found this out. It is an amazing fact and it is 100% true. If you want to fight aging, wrinkles and more then all you have to do is have sex at least once a week. The oestrogen that is released during sex, helps in the promotion of healthier hair and skin. If you want to look younger, make sure you are having sex often.

Better Cardiovascular Health

You will also have better cardiovascular health by having sex. If you have sex two times a week, studies have shown that you will reduce your risk of developing these types of issues by 25%. When you have sex your heart rate is raised and doing that regularly, helps to keep your heart in the best shape.

Reduction in Pain

If you are suffering from pain, all you need to do is have sex. Research and studies show that men who suffer from pain can have sex and that will reduce their pain by 30%. When you have sex, your blood is flowing at a faster rate and oxygen is reaching all areas of your body. This is what you need to have happen in order to relieve pain.

These are the things that you are going to get just by having sex. If you didn’t think sex was an important part of your life before, now you know many reasons why it is.

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