L-arginine: How This Supplement Can Benefit Your Health and Physical Fitness

by Dennis K
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L-arginine is an amino acid that you have probably heard of before, in that it is important nutrient our body needs to carry out various functions. L-arginine is a popular ingredient found in many male enhancement formulas, however it provides us with far more ranging health benefits.

L-arginine’s main role in the body has to do with facilitating blood flow throughout the body, which is essential for good health. This helps to do things like reduce inflammation, repairs damaged blood vessels, improves cardiovascular performance, and reduces you chances of heart disease and related illnesses.

What Are the Major Benefits That L-arginine Provides?

1-Improves Cardiovascular Health

L-arginine is essential when it comes to the health of our heart and blood vessels because it reduces inflammation within the cardiovascular system. Reduced inflammation means that the blood vessels themselves have a larger volume, meaning the blood flows better within them.

This improved blood flow supplies all the tissues in our body with the essential nutrients they need to function optimally. In addition this improved blood flow helps to remove toxic chemical by-products from our system which helps to reduce inflammation.

It is also very useful when it comes to reducing blood clots, because of its blood thinning like abilities. This makes it safe for use in exercise performance as well, for those with heart conditions.

2-Advances Exercise Performance

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As mentioned prior, l-arginine helps to improve blood flow throughout the body, and as many of us know blood flow is extremely important to exercise performance. This is true for both those looking to improve their endurance, and those looking to improve their strength; making it a very versatile tool.

Improved blood flow will help you in recovery as well, as this improved blood flow will supply your muscles with the nutrients in which it needs to do so. This helps improve joint pain and circulatory problems as well.

L-arginine is also important in the production of human growth hormone, which helps to regrow muscle tissue as well as other tissues within the body. This will also speed up your recovery time from exercise, getting you back in the gym faster.

3-Enhances Immunity and Ability to Fight Disease

L-arginine is also useful when it comes to increasing our ability to fight disease when used together with other important nutrients as well. One it is used with frequently is omega 3 fatty acids, which provide plenty of health benefits themselves.

This amino acid is used to keep the blood flowing more freely which helps get things like omega 3 fatty acids to the site of a wound for example, decreasing the time need for healing. It is also effective in reducing pain and inflammation as well, making it extremely beneficial.

It has other immune enhancing effects as well, and looks promising as far as its ability to help treat cancer and other more serious illnesses are concerned.

4-Treats Erectile Dysfunction and Improves Sexual Performance

fit man doing push ups on the beachOne problem all men face as they get older is decreased sexual performance. One of these issues is erectile dysfunction, where a man can’t sustain or in some cases can’t get an erection at all. This problem has a lot to do with proper blood flow, which l-arginine can assist with.

Improved blood flow to the penis means less of a chance that you can’t get it up, and in turn you will see bigger and harder erections too. The vast majority of erectile dysfunction cases are treated with l-arginine, which is something to definitely keep in mind.

L-arginine is not just beneficial for a man’s sexual health however, as women should consider taking this supplement to benefit their health also. L-arginine has shown the ability to improve the reproductive health of women, in helping to improve fertility.

L-arginine can help to better balance hormones as well, again benefitting both men and women when it comes to their sexual health.

Where Can I Find a Good Source of L-arginine?

Dairy products, eggs, beef, nuts and seeds are your best food sources of l-arginine. Getting enough l-arginine in your diet can be difficult, especially if you are a vegetarian or vegan. You should take a supplement to make up the difference in order to maintain the best health.

Make sure when choosing your supplement to do so from a reputable company that uses high quality ingredients, to ensure that you get the most benefit.

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