Lasting Longer in Bed: Find Impressive Tips Today

by Dennis K
man unhooking woman's bra

STOP! Now think about your sex life. Think about how long you can last in bed. What answer did you come up with? Are you a bit embarrassed to say the answer out loud? Don’t worry because many men can’t last that long in bed. The truth is that men ejaculate and orgasm much sooner than women. Generally, without any help from tips or supplements, men usually can orgasm in a few minutes while women may take 10 to 15 minutes or even longer. Do you want to last longer in bed? If so you will find some very impressive tips right here.

Notice and Recognize the Difference

couple having sex woman's legs wrapped around manAs mentioned above, women usually do take a lot longer to orgasm than men. If you can notice and recognize this fact, you may be more motivated to learn and practice how to last longer in bed. The truth is while she does want more pleasure to reach her orgasm, you can have more pleasure if you last longer too. Remember this as you learn more tips below.

Making Love is Important

Sex is sex, yes. However, there is more to sex than just the act of having sex. Making love is important as well. You must think about how long it takes to get hard again after you ejaculate. If you can’t please your woman first before ejaculating, you are going to leave her very unsatisfied. Enjoy each moment and move of the experience.

Starting and Stopping

couple making love intimatelyIf you want to last longer in bed, starting and stopping can help. What does this mean? To accomplish this even easier, you may want to try the all-natural Blue Lightning supplements. They have helped thousands of men with this control over their orgasms. To start and stop, there are some things to keep in mind. When you feel as if you are going to ejaculate, pull out and wait about 15 to 20 seconds before you get back to it. If she wants you so bad, tease her a bit while you give yourself this time to take control.

Working Kegels

Yes, pelvic exercises are for men as well. It is important and beneficial to work on exercising your pelvic floor muscles. This allows you to have more control over orgasms and will help you experience more intense sensations during sex too.

Importance of Foreplay

Another thing to keep in mind when you want to last longer in bed is foreplay. When you use foreplay as a manner of pleasing your women, you are getting her pumped up and closer to her orgasm. This means you won’t have to hold off as long when you do get to the act of sex itself before you need to orgasm.

Think about all the tips above if you want to last longer in bed. Remember, lasting longer in bed means more pleasure and ecstasy for you and her.

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