Learn About H.A.L.T. Right Away

by Dennis K
woman with post-it notes on wall

H.A.L.T. What does this mean? Well, the first thing to know is that it is used in many cases. People who are in recovery from addiction who need to know about this. People who are trying to keep up with a life improvement plan that should pay attention to it. Even those who are trying to lose weight can use it. No matter what reason you have for trying to live a more nutritious lifestyle, you should know more about H.A.L.T. This stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired.


halt-4 angry womanWhen you are hungry, you need more food and you need to get your blood sugar levels up as well. When you are hungry your body is telling you that you need to eat. Often when someone is hungry, they quickly grab something to eat. This is usually fast food or something unhealthy if they have let themselves get too hungry. When you are hungry, get a balanced and healthy meal in proper portions. Make sure you eat slow. It should take you approximately 20 minutes and drinking tea with this meal should help you to ease the hunger.


When you are angry, irritated or stressed out your instincts start to kick in. You might do things that are unhealthy for your lifestyle. Often when people are angry, they start eating unhealthy. When you are angry, instead of eating, go running. Dance to music or go outside and yell. Do things that are going to help you release that anger in healthier ways.


When you are lonely or disappointed about something, food may seem like your go-to. It may offer you comfort but it is not healthy for you to binge eat because of feeling lonely. When you are lonely, instead of eating, call up a friend and let them know you want to spend time together. Go to a local community event to be around others.


quit-smoking-nowWhen you are tired, your appetite can get very messed up. This is especially true if you have gone long hours without sleeping. You should keep an eye on this. Not only is sleep deprivation unhealthy for you, it messes with your nutrition too. Instead of eating when you are tired, get some sleep. This may seem right to the point but it is what you need to do. If it is 5 p.m. and you haven’t slept in a day, just go to bed. You can get back on track the following day. Do not try to stay up longer.

These are some of the things you need to know about H.A.L.T. (Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired). Don’t let yourself get into these modes. Keep yourself healthy and if you do slip into them, handle them in healthy ways.

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